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(dietary supplement)

The main raw material for making Clean Slate is activated 100% natural zeolite clinoptilolite.


It is of volcanic origin, which is also indicated by its Greek name stemming from zeo (cook) and litos (stone). It has a very porous structure. In nature, it is found in the form of rock, which needs to be processed for use. One gram of zeolite can have up to 100 m² of internal surface area, which gives it its extraordinary physical and chemical properties. It is an aluminosilicate mineral where silicon and aluminum oxides form a regular honeycomb-shaped crystal structure. The channels in the honeycomb are very small, as they are only a couple of atoms in diameter. The structure is three-dimensional and very stable.

"The most important dietary supplement you will ever take."

In 1970s, the World Health Organization noted that most chronic diseases are associated with heavy metals and toxins.

Clean Slate is an unprecedented detoxification aid product. ROOT Clean Slate, created by a special protected fracking and polarization process, uses natural clinoptilolite obtained from the purest mine available (97% clinoptilolite, 3% bentonite) to create a solution with a lot of bioavailable silica.

Clean Slate supports passive systemic removal of heavy metals, organic pollutants, glyphosate, viral particles, mold spores, bacterial toxins and other persistent volatile organic compounds and persistent chemicals, radiation, histamine, etc.

One of the best sources of natural zeolite is clinoptilolite which is known to provide the highest quality source of biologically usable silica. Due to the properties of clinoptilolite, scientific evidence of this crystal and elite nanotechnological bioscientific development and biotechnological experience, the ROOT scientific team created a formula from clinoptilolite, "designed" and processed to retain all the benefits of the remarkable crystal. The addition of micro elements (trace minerals) is crucial, so we added them to the product. The whole spectrum of trace minerals is obtained from a pure source, the Great Salt Lake. We also added Vitamin C or ascorbic acid to improve cell membrane permeability and stability of the solution.

If your body is heavily loaded with toxins, you will feel the effects in just a few days.

Clean Slate acts passively, not as a cure. It is considered as a dietary supplement free of banned substances. Clean Slate is derived from a 100% natural mineral. There are no known side effects and no allergic reactions have been noted. It cannot be used for doping purposes.

Clean Slate is unique in its process, design and, most importantly - in its effects.

A very interesting research was conducted by dr. Stefan Rau. He researched the effect of using CLEAN SLATE and ZERO IN on stress, aura and chakras. He came up with interesting results. The energy field of the aura improved from 49% to 99% and the strength of each chakra from 43% -> 97%.

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