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"Clean yourself of heavy metals and toxins, allow your body to live life to the fullest. "

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How to Approach Body Detoxification?

Step 1: Hydrate your body...  The first bottle is sufficient for 2 months.  Administer slowly!

CLEAN SLATE (dietary supplement)

If you've decided to detoxify your body from heavy metals and toxins, we suggest starting with Clean Slate drops.


We recommend starting gradually in the first week with 1-2 drops per day. It's essential to drink enough water, at least 1-1.5 liters per day.


In the following week, you can increase to 2x 2 drops per day. Pay attention to your body's signals. If you experience stronger cleansing symptoms, reduce the dosage. The maximum recommended dose by ROOT company is 2 doses of 10 drops per day.

CLEAN SLATE Cutsheet/Dosage

Step 2: After you drink 1-2 botles of Clean Slate add RESTORE for gut restoration.

RESTORE (dietary supplement)

A powerful antioxidant.


RESTORE is a nutritional supplement that supports the body with the best possible vitamins and minerals. It is a powerful antioxidant, aiding the body in its fight against free radicals.

It has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

We recommend taking 1/3 sachet (pack) to start out.

Restore Cutsheet-1.jpg

RESTORE Cutsheet/Dosage

Dosage Information English_Restore.jpg

Step 3: After you drink 3-5 botles of Clean Slate and Restore add ZERO IN for full mental power

ZERO IN (dietary supplement)

Achieve maximum concentration, optimal brain cell function and satisfaction in a natural way.


ZERO IN improves mental focus, eliminates chronic fatigue, increases body energy and cleanses the mind, and consequently increases productivity and concentration.

We recommend taking 1 Zero In capsule in the morning.

The maximum recommended dose by ROOT company is 4 capsules per day.

Zero-In Cutsheet-1.jpg

ZERO IN Cutsheet/Dosage

Dosage Information English_Zero-In.jpg
Why is it necessary to detoxify the body of heavy metals and toxins and how do they get into our body?

Our body is constantly exposed to toxins and heavy metals. They are in the food we eat, in the air we breathe, in the products we apply directly to the skin, and in the medications and chemicals we use. The body resists this with detoxification, which is a natural process and happens in us all the time. Normal detoxification works by neutralizing, storing or removing toxins from the body. Many vital organs are constantly working to filter and remove toxins. The liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, and skin support these natural detoxification functions. They filter and cleanse the blood, remove waste and protect the body from harmful toxins. This all works if the harmful substances are tolerable. Today's world, however, is a very toxic environment. Increased exposure to heavy metals, complex industrial chemicals and lifestyle puts a heavy burden on us, so the body is no longer able to completely remove all the toxins that accumulate in us. Our health may already depend more on our environment than on our genes.


It is therefore important that we help the body in these processes. This is similar to car maintenance when we know that it is necessary to replace a clogged filter or change the oil. In our body, however, we like to overlook this and turn for help only when problems in the form of various diseases appear. Although problems due to heavy metals are quite common, they are generally not diagnosed. This is because heavy metal poisoning is an elusive enemy. It is well hidden in our body and is never revealed unless we are actively looking for it, which rarely happens, as such diagnostic procedures are very expensive.


The body's load of heavy metals, radioactive substances and toxins from the environment is increasing and can lead to health problems. Not only does it affect the physical functioning of the body but also the mental state and energy balance, hindering its functioning and causing diseases. This can lead to the conclusion that we are not sick but poisoned.

What can we do to help ourselves?

"Poisoning can be the cause of malaise and lack of energy."

As a satisfied ROOT user, you can recommend products forward.

How? Watch the video...


  • Worldwide shipping +55 countries.

  • Registration is FREE and without obligation.


The raw material for making Clean Slate is the best 100% natural mineral zeolite clinoptilolite, which is of volcanic origin.


It is effective due to its honeycomb lattice structure, which has a strong negative charge. Harmful substances in the body bind to the mineral and are excreted in urine and feces.


An innovative process of nanotization and activation of clinoptilolite creates a solution with a lot of biologically usable form of silicon.  It is biologically accessible to all cells in the form of a liquid. It works through the cell membrane, which makes it unique as it cleanses cells and tissues from inside.

The effect of the use is a real systemic detoxification of the body, which has become necessary for everyone due to industrialization.

Why is Clean Slate one of the most effective nutritional supplements on the market today?


It cleanses the cells so that the body can heal itself.

It works preventively.

It increases the absorption of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

It is safe. There are no known side effects.

It is eliminated from the body in 5-7 hours.

Because it is in liquid form, it is absorbed into the body within 30 seconds. Its bioavailability is 95%. Powdered preparations need 1h for absorption, while their efficiency is only up to 30% (source: PDR).

It passively removes heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides from the body.

It reduces the ability to spread certain viral diseases and infections.

It helps regulate body pH. It acts slightly alkaline and prevents acidification of the body. This reduces the chance of developing any diseases.

Due to the cleansed cells, it improves the functioning of the nervous system.

It acts as a powerful antioxidant.

It increases the body's immune system.

It accelerates alcohol metabolism.

It is easy to use.

It is important to start taking it gradually, i.e. 1-2 drops daily in the first week. Then slowly increase the dose while listening to your body.

The maximum recommended dose is up to 10 drops twice a day.



Clean Slate was formulated with patent-approved proprietary techniques that ignite the utility processes, creating bioavailable silica from nature's most powertul volcanic mineral and adding trace minerals and Vitamin C. The result is a revolutionary silica, with ingredients that in combination work towards a higher standard of bioavailability, safety, and efficacy to support systemic passive cleansing of the body while simultaneously enhancing pathways to heal and regenerate.

Testimonial: abdominal pain, headache, thyroid cancer
Testimonial: Psoriasis

At what diseases and problems can it help with?

In 1970s, the World Health Organization noted that most chronic diseases are associated with heavy metals and toxins.

Faster muscle regeneration after spot activities.

It is very helpful in losing weight because it binds (and then eliminates) heavy metals that are otherwise stored in adipose tissue.

Studies show that heavy metals can be a major cause of ADHD, autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

It helps reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.


It is also effective as a support for the body after treating serious illnesses.

It reduces allergy symptoms.

It helps against premature aging.

It improves general physical and mental well-being.

It is an effective detoxifier for women who are planning to become pregnant.

It helps to improve skin conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.).



AFTER using

"The most important dietary supplement you will ever take."

ZERO IN (dietary supplement)


ZERO IN is a dietary supplement that works in combination in the whole body. The main emphasis is on concentration, well-being and antioxidant effect.

The content of the capsule is made from 100% natural ingredients – pine bark extracts, velvet bean seeds, turmeric, vitamin D, and the amino acids Tyrosine and Theanine.

The main effect is to stimulate the body to start producing normal amounts of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, which are known as the hormones of happiness and contentment.

ZERO IN improves mental focus, eliminates chronic fatigue, increases body energy and cleanses the mind, and consequently increases productivity and concentration.

Due to the action on the stress hormone, the body does not fall out of balance, reacts much better to problems and no longer feels stressed. It can also increase progress in physical performance, sports and general fitness.

To achieve a better effect of ZERO IN, it is recommended to cleanse the body in combination with CLEAN SLATE, which will also improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

How and when do we notice the effect?


Some individuals feel the changes within 20-30 minutes if the capsule is taken on an empty stomach. Others, due to high dopamine and serotonin deficiency, need up to 7 days to begin to feel the positive effects of Zero In.

There can be several reasons. Today, food is more depleted, so our body does not get enough nutrients that would cause the body to produce enough dopamine and serotonin.

Another reason is that cells can be more saturated with toxins and heavy metals and do not function optimally.

What are the effects of ZERO IN?


It increases focus, motivation, enjoyment and emotional resilience.

In sports, it affects motion control and coordination of body movements, so it is important for exercise and muscle performance.

It supports working memory, mental flexibility and information processing.

It gives a relaxed feeling of mental energy as it stimulates alpha brain waves.

It improves the energy field of the aura in a short time as well as the functioning of the chakras.

It reduces the production of cortisol, which is released when we are under stress.

It is a powerful antioxidant.

It raises libido in men.

It improves blood circulation.

It improves skin function.


ROOT Testimonials

Mark (01.avg.2022)

Hi all fellow "Rooters" ...i just wanted to share some exciting news with you ...for over 10 years i have suffered with what is medically diagnosed as medium /aggressive Psoriasis ..mainly on my legs ..last year it took a severe twist became infected and i had Cellulitis which could have lead to possible amputation ..i think you will find the photographs will outline where i was was a very worrying time and as i am sure you can appreciate i genuinely did not know what my future held. I was put on a course of Methotrexate and i have to say it saved the day and i started to improve . But the scars and scaly skin remained ...As most people who suffer with Psoriasis will tell you its not just the physical scarring you live with its the Psychological scars in Sunny Cyprus i was not able to wear shorts and sunbathe people do not understand this dreadful disease ..creams ointments ..constant visits to Dermatologists ..all with different interpretations of how to address the issue !! Expensive applications and even a trip to the dead sea in this is supposed to offer a healing mineral after all these years and realising i was actually dealing with a auto immune problem so started using Keto diets ..vitamins and minerals which have helped but still the scarring remained and had to lean on steroid ointments to keep under control a life of steroid and methotrexate was now a reality .. then i was introduced to you lovely people ..Clean Slate . WOW ...Following the instructions 2 x 10 drops per day for 3 weeks and i think you will see the changes .no itching .scratching ointments apart from moisturising ..i have stopped taking methotrexate and at last i can see light at the end of this dreadful 10 year tunnel please approach anyone you know with Psoriasis and share my story ..thank you ROOT for life ..Clayton for your product and informative videos and testimonials have me i am hooked ..and i will be promoting Clean Slate ...even to the Dermatologists that merely offer lip service and expensive rubbish...i hope these photographs don't offend but felt you really have to understand my journey ..thank you... Mark


Marc (26. may. 2021)

Guys this is Just an awareness that our products are very String , too Strong for lyme people Sometimes in the beginning.

We have to be careful with our lyme customers. A Lot of Them are so poisoned that they cannot even Take one drop a day.

She got immediately Herpes in her eye. I know it is an herxheimer but we have to be careful with that.

We now try only one drop a day or every 2 days one drop.

If you guys have any ideas how to Help lyme people with Cleanslate let me know. Almost all of Them are too poisoned to give them more than 1 drop. we tried Clayton Thomas strategy giving a few of them from the beginning more 10-20 drops, but this doesn't work for no one yet .

All the people I gave lyme got a Lot better results after weeks, but this is Just about a herxheimer.

Thanks for your Attention . Any Help is greatly appreciated


Cassandra (05.09.2022)

I just got my GMBMY. I mixed it in cappuccino tonight. Hopefully it's okay to mix in hot liquid. How do you all take yours?


Tracy (25.11.2020)

Dads progress so far ..... the first video was the beginning of this year, we had we increased his fruits and veggies through supplementation and saw some improvements.

Second vid was the beginning of clean slate

Third vid was the beginning of zero in

Today’s vid is day 4 10 drops clean slate am & pm and 2 zero in am.

As a family we have been on a years mission of getting to the root cause of the effects my pops has been battling with and I have to say we cannot thank the root brands enough for giving us this opportunity to increase his quality of life.

He said to me thank you for never giving up on seeking some answers.

That made my eyes leak a little !

Never give up keep on seeking solutions and possibilities to improve your quality of life.

I could write a book about all my pops has been through in his life.

One thing I know about this man is he is the most kind hearted soul I know, given his life in service to his family and our community always there to help others when ever he could and now it’s our turn to give back to him.

Thank you pops for showing me what courage and never giving up looks like.

I love you



Miki (01.08.2020)

Hi everyone my lovely new friend Leanne recommended Root for my Autistic son (he is 13 years old). When he was 18 months old he was vaccine injured and regressed into severe Autism. Hair tests showed he was full of heavy metals (in particular aluminium, mercury and lead). I have done various things over the years to clear the metals but don’t feel I’ve ever fully resolved it.

I’ve only been giving Fin 2 drops a day (he is very sensitive) for the past few days but I can already see a huge difference in him!

One of my biggest goals for Fin is independence which he has always lacked. I have to help him a lot.

Today I was shocked as when we got home from shopping he went to get the bags out of the car and helped me carry them to the kitchen totally unprompted! Normally he would never do something like this so I was really surprised!

He also made his own toast and buttered it, went upstairs to have a shower and then took himself off to bed by himself with no help from me at all!

Today I picked him up from club and one of his Autistic traits is he doesn’t see the point of waving good bye to people. Today he waved goodbye to one of organisers at his summer sports club.

Another new thing was we were driving somewhere in car and Fin decided to turn up the volume as he wanted to hear his favourite song louder.

All of these changes have happened in his first week of taking the drops so at first I didn’t link it with the drops but now it has dawned on me that there is a connection.

I’m excited to see how he progresses as one of the key areas I want to work on is speech.

Thanks again Leanne you are a star for reaching out to me


Mieke (25.04.2021)

June I turn 64 and now after all this time things are finally falling into place,what a story

As a young girl of 16 years old I was once confronted with a serious accident that took place before my eyes (2 meters away).

A motorcyclist with passenger drove full on a car in a curve resulting in the car with occupant catching fire .

We tried to get the driver out, but the door was horrified and we saw him burn before our eyes. I also saw the persons of the motorcycle whose passenger was a woman and pregnant both die on that day.

This was my first trauma....

I began to stutter and for the first six months did not know what to do.... (This traumatic experience had apparently not been processed well by me and I continued to suffer from it later).

Two years later I experienced again on the waterfront that a husband and wife took a sailboat off the trailer and placed it against a high-voltage pylon .... woman was on fire on the spot from her ankles to her waist

I almost did too but was literally pulled away by another bystander who apparently saved my life in the process.... Woman dies on the spot....

What a pain what a grief ....

No victim support that didn't exist in those days....

(I apparently did not process this traumatic experience properly either, which caused me problems later).

A year later in a restaurant I ate my beloved shrimp coiktail ...

After 15 minutes I became very sick.

Went home unable to vomit literally walked for days with a full bloated nasty feeling, when finally the family doctor referred me to the hospital here I was diagnosed with KWIK poisoning ....

I was given medication to remove the mercury from my body.

(It is not excluded that in the end there were still mercury particles left behind that I may have suffered from later).

I have been hypersensitive all my life and have been through so much!

Where does this come from anyway!!!

Now after all these years I understand, finally what a relief !

Stress poisons my body not processed traumas that does something to your body....

Also my father died when I was 26 years old of bone cancer ( He had worked all his life at the Daf as a sprayer and later as a floor manager but always between the paint ( poison )

I too have overcome cancer twice,

First cervical cancer, and infestation of the ovary.

Some time later I got thyroid cancer which was three quarters removed.

So now on medication for 23 years Euthyrox and zeroxat.

What that does to your gut brain and your organs is really unprecedented.

2020 I was also told I have age-related ADHD.

My body was on the verge of collapse.

Stress sensitive

Gut sensitive

Hypersensitive to outside stimuli.

People who know me know that I am on 24 hours a day!

When I was 19 I was already an entrepreneur and had my own successful business in the more expensive segment of watches, bags, jewelry, etc.

And developed my own line of bags with a private brand ... where I did everything alone until two companions (sisters) came along who what I had built up in a few years in 3 months declared bankrupt ... I was broken ... I was totally disabled for a year! Depressed

And I'm hard to turn off, always want to be busy....

reason (don't want to face past pains because those thoughts come back at times of silence)

Saying no is hard for me.

I have been eating healthy for 40 years always looking for the best solutions. Among other things with the addition of supplements....

Last March with the first shutdown Clean slate came my way... and in April Zeroin

Detox my body detox and a supplement to help me focus better....

(bad things out good things in)

1 year on I can now say I have observed change physically and mentally....

1. Physically:

Healthy weight loss- better skin- better bowel movement ( no more bloating and abdominal pain)- no headaches- no hot flashes- stronger nails and hair- and on top of that better sleep- less joint pain and less pain in the attachments.

2. Mental:

Better focus -my pineal gland is working better ( has to do with the retraction of this gland ) -can handle silences better -think before I act -more moments of feeling/being happy -processing my traumas is going better ( can talk about them now )

Still a few bumps to take but it's already much better!

Thank you so much for being here with the Root family greatings from Mieke x

Please note the product I use is not a drug....







Nicki (17.10.2022)

People often ask me, what do I take Zero-In for? Here's a great example... (this is me writing by the way).

I woke up this Monday morning and all was fine with the world. For some reason the dog was driving me nuts getting under my feet, and I tripped on the stairs. My Mum went into surgery early this morning and I'd forgotten to ring her last night, the postman arrived and suddenly my post box was full of crap letters (unwanted demands mostly), then my son phoned me to say he's dropping out of his college course. By lunchtime I was ready to kick the dog. I thought, well the best thing to do is take the dog for a walk and get some fresh air... Took him into the fields and he bolted up to my lovely neighbour's two greyhounds which upset them (he's playful but they are very nervous around other dogs).

This is what I'd describe as definitely a Zero-In day... so came back and took a golden capsule..... Within I'd say, an hour, all was well with the world again.

Just spent a couple of hours with my lovely friend and my Mum is fine. It's amazing what a little dose of dopamine can do.


Mark (07.09.2020)

Part 2 Latest on my Psoriasis ..Clean Slate ..has played a big part in this and excercise has been essential also ..but Clean Slate has done the hard work detoxing those pesky heavy metals !!...Zone in next to get my head straight ..


Diana (18.11.2020)

Hello I am Diana van Bakel 54 year from the Netherlands.

Ever since I was 12 years old I have suffered from severel migraines, and this had quite an impact on school life and my work, which I always managed to compensate with heavy medication to be able to function, but otherwise I would have been in bed for two days. I have even been a drug addict and this is something that a lot of people don't know about me because I was ashamed of it. But I can now say that I haven't had a migraine attack since 1 July after starting with Clean slate and Zero-in. I did have a headache in the morning until a couple of weeks ago but after taking the Zero-in it was quickly gone, so my brain is detoxifying as well. I'm now a very happy person, learning to live with pain is actually impossible, but now no longer necessary.



Diana (11.02.2021)

Good Morning,

Diana has asked me to share with you my experience with Root's products:

About 6 years ago I had my first migraine attack. Over the years the attacks increased and for the past year I had an attack every two weeks that often lasted three days. I had already tried all kinds of things like reiki, physical therapy, chiropractic and accupuncture. I also tried the accessible medication. Unfortunately, none of this helped against my migraine attacks. I was hoping to find a permanent solution and signed up for a private group for people with migraines. Once I joined there, I only read stories about people who went to a neurologist and tried plenty of medication. One day someone posted a message about detoxing your body in this group. I responded underneath that I would like to know what products were involved. There was a lot of commotion under that post because one was not allowed to advertise. However, this woman was not advertising but wanted to give other people the opportunity to try something that had helped her. Fortunately I received a private message from Diana van Bakel and she introduced me to Root. I started reading all the testimonials and started talking to Diana. Around Christmas of 2020 I started clean slate and zero in. To date I am free from migraine attacks. In addition, I have much more energy and better focus. Before, I was always cold in bed. Nowadays I am much more likely to be too warm in bed.

Regards Sandra


Wendy (07.01.2022)

Sorry for the picture, but it's very important for people to see this. I know this is gross but I do have gloves on. Lol I passed gall stones and my CT scan still shows a large one but I'm staying on clean slate instead of surgery. I just hope it's not bigger than these! yikes I passed these right before my CT scan.

My gallbladder thanks root wellness for their cleanslate and restore products, it is feeling so much better!

Update! My journey, around the middle of Oct. 2021 I started on detox, a few drops a day for a week then I went to about 10 drops twice a day. Then a few weeks later I added restore and zero in. I've had a cramping in my gallbladder for years, so bad sometimes, I could not even move until it subsided some. After 6 weeks on the detox, the pain was increasing so I made an appt. with my doctor and he set up a CT scan for me. I passed these right before my scan. The scan only shows one big one left and my gallbladder was just sore. As of today I no longer have any soreness, cramping or pain in my gallbladder. So no surgery for me for now, I'll wait and see if I pass this other one too.

Another huge bonus, my ADHD is so much better. I can stay on task and I did projects on the lake house we just bought. My memory is getting better too and I find it is getting easier to lose weight again. woohoo thank you root wellness

Leanne (08.01.2021)


- I love when people tell me you don’t need to detox you have detox organs. This is a misunderstanding of how the body works.

What do you think NAFLD {non alcoholic fatty liver disease} is? It is caused by mercury, high fructose corn syrup and Glyphosate. That is failure of an organ due to organic heavy metals or chemicals. Therefore your drainage pathway is CLOSED & you need a DETOX.

What do you think chronic kidney disease is? It is failure of an organ over a lifetime of insults, some including herbicides & cadmium. You need a DETOX.

These are a couple of examples but the same can be said of mitochondrial damage, which occurs due to free radical production from environmental toxicities & pathogens! So many diseases are PREVENTABLE.

Our glorious liver, is responsible for a plethora of jobs like:

Fights infections by removing bacteria from the blood

Converts T4 to T3 for thyroid health

Makes ketones for energy

Creates blood clotting factors

Stores sugar & regulates blood sugars

Produces proteins

Makes cholesterol that then make sex hormones

Produces bile

Detoxes meds, toxins & xenoestrogens

1 in 3 Americans have a sluggish liver pathway & it doesn’t show in blood work. It shows in blood sugar regulation, digestion, stress, #alcohol regulation, eye/sinus issues & hormone health.

Food is a TINY portion of the toxins we encounter daily through our skin, gut, & lungs. So don’t focus ON #FOOD ONLY. Moreover, if your drainage pathways are blocked, you won’t be able to expel those toxins & they’ll be stored in the body. The location depends on if the toxin is fat or water soluble. Water soluble toxins are stored in joints, blood, tissues & muscles while fat soluble toxins are stored in adipose, bone marrow, the liver, & brain. Side effects of stored #toxins accumulating over a lifetime are #autoimmunity, acne, allergies, IBS, headaches, FM, CFS, obesity, cardiac & hormonal issues.

Want answers? You need to open your liver pathway by detoxing the overload of toxins in your body slowing down your organ functions.

Clean slate is a great natural tool to help you help your body do just that




Heavy metals and their excretion from our body

The image below shows a 90-day cycle of excretion of heavy metals when using zeolite ... without which these metals could not be excreted from the body. The figure shows which metals start to be eliminated first (which does not mean that when some start to be eliminated in a certain week, some of them are not eliminated in other weeks as well).

Some of you also got results of which heavy metals are present in your body ... let this table help you how long it takes to detoxify and remove these metals

After two days, the following are eliminated:

Hg = mercury

V = vanadium

Mo = molybdenum

After seven days:

As = arsenic

Sb = antimony

Sn = tin

After 14 days:

Fe = iron

Li = Lithium

After 30 days:

Mn = manganese

Mg = magnesium (inorganic)

Sb = antimony

After 60 days:

Cr = chrome

Se = selenium

After 90 days:

Pb = lead

Ba = barium



This is so important pls read till the end

The image shows a 250lb Person on the left and a 120lb Person on the right side. We can see weight gain from the outside but we usually can't see what it's doing on the inside. Look at the fat surrounding the organs in the left picture. Do you also see the fat around the heart and the brain?

A little scary, isn't it? Look at the compression around the stomach and internal organs. Do you think that would have any impact to the digestion?

Do you also know why so much fat accumulates around the internal organs? This is a protective function of our body. Because heavy metals are caught and locked in fat cells so that they do not expose any inflammation in our body to protect our organs.

Losing weight isn't just about body image but also about your health, how your heart functions and your brain functions and how you feel and how your body functions. Detox your body for better quality of life. Do it for your family, do it for extend your life....



Diana (23.11.2021)

I got this message yesterday from someone who uses Cleanslate, so happy for her

Diana I am still grateful to you for recommending Cleanslate to me last year when I was in the middle of the breast cancer journey.

At that time I also received six months of heavy chemotherapy (first 3 months AC courses consisting of Doxorubicin and Cuclofosfamide, then 3 months of Paclitaxel and Trastuzumab and then 13 x Herceptin (immunotherapy).

When you read the side effects of these courses you are shocked. But I must say that I got through it very well with few serious side effects and I certainly think that the Cleanslate contributed to this.

Verena (30.11.2020)

Which groups are serotonin deficient?
I heard from a therapist during a congress that most people suffering from chronic illnessess are serotonin and melantonin deficient and that it is very difficult to build up the serotonin level.

People with fructose intolerance can't absorb tryptophan and therefore have low levels of melantonin.

Among the believed healthy population, the following two groups also benefit very much from Zero-In:
1) vegetarians and vegans as L-Tryptophan is mainly found in meat.
2) women taking or having taken the pill. They first become Vit B6 deficient which decreases the liver's detox ability, then their serotonin and melantonin level drops.

And the list can be extended....


Cynthia (22.03.2022)

Hi YA’ALL! Restore has helped rid 2 skin tags off my face, one under my eye, the other on my eyelid, and one is almost gone off my chest. It has been a little over 2 weeks.......

Pretty cool, I say Dr Christina needs to make some good skin care products!!! Yessss, that would be amazing


Joy (24.06.2020)

My husband has had life long sinus problems,including two major sinus surgeries in the last 10 years, without any improvement. This morning just before I got on our call he showed me a bottle of nasal spray and told me he had cleaned it and replaced with Clean Slate. He has been using for about four weeks but due to his many disappointments in the past he didn’t tell me what he was doing. Big smile as he is seeing steady improvement.


Tanya (12.05.2020)

Hi, I'm new to this group, and I feel I might have finally found a solution to my problem..since 2019 I have had problems with my health, it started with pain in the feet, continued with strange feelings all over the body, than came nausea, feeling like I have to throw up, I felt like I was drunk all day sometimes...all tests doctors did, are ok, MRI of the head great, sugar level they concluded it is psyhosomatic...this somewhat offends me...I went also on bioresonance, there he established I am poisoned with mercury and some other things...I would like to try this amazing product but my question is next: I was told (Andy Cutler for example says that) that you shouldn't chelate before you have taken out amalgam. It seems logical because chelation pulls out toxins, also mercury from amalgam into blood stream. Has anybody had a similar experiency? Any advice? I would be very thankful...



Sandy (09.03.2022)

I went to the neurogologist with my father today. testing for dementia. The neurologist was totally surprised that my father at the age of 88 even got 29 out of 30 points and doesn't have dementia. My father has been taking 10 drops of Clean-Slate daily for a year. Unbelievable. Even the neurologist was totally surprised. I'm so happy about Clean slate

Christiane (26.10.2021)


heute möchte ich gerne meine Erfahrungen zu ZeroIn mit Euch teilen. Eine gelbe Kapsel, prall gefüllt mit Wirkstoffen u.a. von Kurkuma, Kiefernrinde und Samtbohnensamen, 1 x eingenommen ca. eine halbe Stunde vorm Schlafengehen hat den ersten Impuls für einen erholsamen tiefen Schlaf gesetzt. Nach vielen Jahren massiver Schlafstörungen ist das für mich ein WUNDER! Morgens zum Frühstück eingenommen, schenkt mir ZeroIn eine sehr kraftvoll-ruhige Aufmerksamkeit, die mich den Tag über begleitet und mich in meinen Vorhaben bei der Stange hält. Dabei fühle ich mich emotional ausgewogen, kraftvoll und sehr klar. Die Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit für mich und andere ist gewachsen. Auch körperlich zeigt sich in vielen Punkten eine feine stetige Erneuerung. Als sichtbarstes Beispiel gilt hier die tiefe Erneuerung der einzelnen Hautschichten bei dem Handekzem, was mich seit vielen Jahren sehr belastend einschränkte und wo Verbesserung oder Heilung mit allen möglichen Therapien nicht gelang.

Nun nehme ich, außer Clean Slate und Restore, morgens zwei ZeroIn-Kapseln und fühle mich rundum sehr wohl und ausgeglichen.

Ich bin so dankbar für die kostbaren ROOT-Produkte.

DANKE Dr. Christina Rahm und Thomas Clayton!

Sie kamen zur rechten Zeit in mein Leben!



Today, I would like to share my experiences with ZeroIn with you. A yellow capsule, packed with active ingredients including turmeric, pine bark, and velvet bean seeds, taken once approximately half an hour before bedtime, has set the initial impulse for a restful deep sleep. After many years of severe sleep disturbances, this is a MIRACLE for me! Taken in the morning with breakfast, ZeroIn gives me a very powerful and calm focus that accompanies me throughout the day and keeps me on track with my plans. In doing so, I feel emotionally balanced, powerful, and very clear. The perceptiveness for myself and others has grown. Also, physically, there is a fine, steady renewal in many aspects. The most visible example is the deep renewal of the individual layers of skin in the hand eczema, which has been very burdensome for me for many years and where improvement or healing was not achieved with all possible therapies.

Now, in addition to Clean Slate and Restore, I take two ZeroIn capsules in the morning and feel very comfortable and balanced overall. I am so grateful for the precious ROOT products. THANK YOU, Dr. Christina Rahm and Thomas Clayton! They came into my life at the right time!



Maria (27.01.2022)

Hello all. I've just received my Root. Wanted to ask if ok to start it while I'm feeling unwell? I had mercury fillings removed last year seemed to be fine but then in September I had Covid and I've been sick constantly since with lungs and throat. Feeling rundown and fatigue plus gut issues. Hoping this will turn my health around. X


Have you watched any of the videos on their YouTube channel? I started with one drop morning and night. Just start slow.


Sandy (19.12.2020)

“This just in”

So here is my report after a bottle of Root Cleanslate: I am 55 in February & I was diagnosed with MS 23 or 24 years ago. It caused me to change everything in my life (not all for the worst, just drastically). MS effects wherever there are nerves. Two weeks ago the nerves in my eyes gave up & I have glaucoma but it’s eaten my nerves in all my body and brain. The affects have been slow thinking; extreme fatigue; lots of physical maladies; mentalism (is that a word?).

So a great friend (I won’t embarrass her but her name begins with M & ends in asrsha) recommend Cleanslate.

I believe after one bottle I do feel better. Today I had to walk to an opticians & to a printing company (I am an artist) to pick up prints. I walked > 8,000 steps (my phone says) but my left leg wasn’t dragging (which is usual) and there were few places to rest.

I believe I have less pain (I take very few dr drugs because they are experimenting on MS patients with all kinds of quack ideas).

So far, so good. Tick.

I’m impressed (& have recommended it to a friend whose mother has Parkinsons).

Ta, arsha


Cardone (06.03.2021)

Cancer is such a sensitive topic in our nation, but I want to take minute to share something SHOCKING that will empower you with knowledge!

It seems like so many people have just thrown their hands up and think cancer is inevitable. But did you know that only 5-10% of Breast Cancer is GENETIC? 90-95% of Breast Cancer is related to environmental TOXINS.

Meaning toxins in the processed foods we eat, the air pollutants, the chemical sprays, the cleaning products, the plastics, the flame retardants, and the products we use on our bodies (including shampoos, makeup, deodorant, etc.) are the largest factor contributing to disease in the body.

What I have learned is that what I do every single day truly has an impact on my body and my family's. I am incredibly grateful for this knowledge and have absolutely LOVED watching so many of you detox and change out so many of your products, giving your body the best ability to thrive and fight against this statistic! It is a journey for each of us and I count it a blessing to share what I’ve learned with others!

Sources: Breast Cancer Fund, The American Cancer Society, California Breast Cancer Research Program


Jeanette (24.10.2020)

Cancer is such a sensitive topic in our nation, but I want to take minute to share something SHOCKING that will empower you with knowledge!

It seems like so many people have just thrown their hands up and think cancer is inevitable. But did you know that only 5-10% of Breast Cancer is GENETIC? 90-95% of Breast Cancer is related to environmental TOXINS.

Meaning toxins in the processed foods we eat, the air pollutants, the chemical sprays, the cleaning products, the plastics, the flame retardants, and the products we use on our bodies (including shampoos, makeup, deodorant, etc.) are the largest factor contributing to disease in the body.

What I have learned is that what I do every single day truly has an impact on my body and my family's. I am incredibly grateful for this knowledge and have absolutely LOVED watching so many of you detox and change out so many of your products, giving your body the best ability to thrive and fight against this statistic! It is a journey for each of us and I count it a blessing to share what I’ve learned with others!

Sources: Breast Cancer Fund, The American Cancer Society, California Breast Cancer Research Program

Diana (20.07.2021)

Hello I am Diana van Bakel 55 year from the Netherlands.

Ever since I was 12 years old I have suffered from severel migraines, and this had quite an impact on school life and my work, which I always managed to compensate with heavy medication to be able to function, but otherwise I would have been in bed for two days. I have even been a drug addict and this is something that a lot of people don't know about me because I was ashamed of it. But I can now say that I haven't had a migraine attack since 1 July 2020 after starting with Clean slate and Zero-in. I did have a headache in the morning until a few months ago but after taking the Zero-in it was quickly gone, so my brain is detoxifying as well. I'm now a very happy person, learning to live with pain is actually impossible, but now no longer necessary.

I also use the restore now and it is getting better and better with my Total health!



Dina (19.12.2020)

After two months of using Clean Slate I come to give my Testimony and thank ROOT for this huge gift for Health!

Before, I had throat, liver, lungs and headaches and joint and muscle pain. Right now, I feel much more resistant to the cold, I no longer feel heavy lungs and headaches, bones and muscles are gone. My Intestine is also working much better. I feel more energized and more focused. I am a Plastic Artist and without a doubt, this experience is giving me more space to create in perfect plenitude, without pain and tiredness. I also notice a huge improvement in my skin. I also want to leave it here in my Testimony about the great importance of drinking lots of water, to get the best results. There was a day when I woke up with headaches and it was enough to drink two glasses of water and it was immediate, the headache passed. My little dog Ocean, who was abandoned for 1 year, came to my house very sick: Thanks to a lot of dedication, help from people, trainer and dedicated Veterinarians, Ocean has gained a new Life! Having a Chronic Immune System Disease I also decided to try it out, Clean Slate and the results are already visible! The Hair Gained More Strength and Life. For a while the stool had a greenish and mucus hue. Now they have a normal color and the Intestine works better. A Big Thanks to ROOT for these absolutely fantastic products!


Dina (24.07.2020)

after 5 weeks of use of CleanSlate and Zero-In:

The 1st picture is from 5 weeks ago the other one from this week. You can see that my belly is less swollen, I haven't lost so much weight but I have lost so much in size.

Normally I'm an active athlete but because of an injury I haven't been able to exercise for 4 weeks and still my body changes. This promises something for the coming weeks.

Furthermore I'm full of energy and I'm very active and cheerful.

I also notice that my hormonal transition is changing and I have less problems with this.

My skin is getting better now, and so is my migraine. I also notice other changes but I'll come back to that later.


Marko (02.11.2021)


Hello Root family I am from Slovenia and my journey of becoming better with the outstanding products started in June 2020. I want to share my experiences with you. I started with Clean Slate 10 drops twice a day. At the beginning I had some issues like headaches, my skin was irritated, some stomach problems, but it soon went away as I dropped the intake of Clean Slate and hydrate more. That to me was a clear sign the product is working and my body was starting to clean itself. Next month I added Zero-In. Wow what a surprise was that! I felt literally out of this world (and still do) the energy levels, the happiness, clear state of mind was something that I imidietly fall in love Whole next level of feeling good! I thought It can't get any better than this...,but, this year when came Restore, boom, another bomb that was changing my wholeness. I simply adore it! Outcomes are so f. amazing! I take Restore every second evening, sometimes at mornings and the leftovers in the pouch always end on my face. I feel better then ever before In my life thanks to this extraordinary products! Big thanks goes to the fascinating dr. Christina Rahm for formulating & putting out such a life changing products.

So grateful. Thank you Root.



Kathie (13.10.2020)

What an amazing 20 plus year journey as a CNHP towards optimal health! Ever learning... ever improving!

When information regarding Root Wellness was initially shared with me, I wasn't very responsive, thought what I had currently been using the past couple years was creme de la creme, boy was I wrong! It was awesome but just didn't do what this is capable of as it was treating naturally, not getting to the cause!

After the second conversation when I found out that this gets to the ROOT of the cause, I began to open my ears to hear!!

I had learned that many things happen naturally in the body when that "cause" is being eliminated, it really opened my eyes and I haven't looked back since! The body knows what to do when it's given a clean environment!

I started April 8th as well as my husband! (his testimony tba)

Month#1, I noticed major energy in the morning and sleeping excellent as well!

Though I never really had much trouble in the past 10 years with bowel movements, I did notice a quicker urgency but mostly a stench like I had never had before!

Well, what happens when you clean out old yuck! Yeah I'm getting a little personal here but I'm being real! This even benefits a lifestyle high in raw foods!

Month #2, I had a couple days where my former bowel issues from over 10 years ago, self treated, reared its ugly head just a couple times in two days and then they disappeared! Right away I knew what this product was doing and was super excited!

The next week my seasonal allergy symptoms, that I horribly suffered with as a child into my early 40s, which by the way I haven't suffered with in nearly 20 years, showed itself for 2 weeks, then it was gone!

Again, I knew something was stirring inside me, mimicking these symptoms I used to have! So excited again!

About month #4, I noticed various things happening with my skin, a growth flattened that was on my face after applying it for a couple weeks! I also had various skin eruptions similar to pimples just on various parts of my body that I never had before, and I know the skin is the largest organ so this is just those bad boys coming out through the skin which is fine with me, just showing me again how awesome this product is!

Fast forward to September, with a high amount of lead in my body I had lost about half of my hair! Well, about 2 weeks ago, I noticed major hair growth and was so excited!

This is definitely going to be a lifer for me! I know how important it is to detox on a daily basis because of how we are inundated from our food water and air supply no matter how clean we try to live! Just need to remember that not all cleanses are created equal, I have found that out to be absolutely true over all these years!

So thankful for Clean Slate and Root Wellness!



Olivia (26.11.2021)

Good morning!

I'm new to the root club and just started taking CleanSlate. It seems like I have quite a toxicity going on in my body. I haven't been well for many years and since nearly 2 years I'm on a carnivore diet which has improved many things for me but the brain fog, poor memory and low energy stayed which is very unusual and points towards heavy metal toxicity.

I took 2 drops CS under my tongue and was quite sick during the night so started now with 1 drop in 1litre and drinking 1 small glass am, lunch and pm. Since yesterday lunch time I put 2 drops in 1liter but have now headache (not too strong but noticeable) since yesterday afternoon and during the night and this morning.

My question is... How long will it roughly take to feel better and see improvements. I know timing is different for everyone but maybe somebody who had to start slowly too and had quite a lot going on in their body can share some experiences?

Some of my health isdues:

Long term candida (Since childhood/teenage years), bronchitis and living in a mouldy place in younger years and quite a bit of antibiotics,

Childhood vaccinations and a flu shot with 28 (followed by the worst flu ever)

Amalgam fillings,

Liver issues, can't process alcohol and had also quite a few black outs in younger party years, heavy medication when I was 29

General I'm super sensitive and react to things

Also food wise. I'm best with fatty ruminant meat other foods are tricky for me and can cause chaos

And apparently EMF sensitivity which I should take better care of

I've seen many practitioners and health experts, spent already a little fortune on consultations and supplements and nobody could help 100% some said it seems I have a complex chronic disease and they couldn't see a clear picture. And mainstream doctors laughed in my face and some said it's all in my head, depression or i should learn to live with things like nail fungi as many have it nowadays when I was seeking help for candida, vaginal pain and scarring, tiredness, pain in my body etc I had my worst experiences with doctors and have now a phobia or a strong resistance to go to any *normal* doctor or hospital after some shitty and traumatising experiences and try and do as much as possible alternative and natural (Also for my pets)

Any way I really really hope CleanSlate can help me and i would love to hear how long it took you and what has helped.

Also is there a way to ease detox symptoms in case of overdosing?

Thank you very much

Robertino (01.10.2020)


Hello everyone,

Here is another unexpected experience from me after 5 months of using Clean Slate.

At a regular blood test that I do 2 to 3 times a year, I was shocked by the fat results. In the last 17 years, as far as I do controls due to elevated blood fats: cholesterol, hdl, ldl and triglycerides I have never had such good findings. Fat was always elevated, above the upper limit (despite the therapy I drink Sortis 80 mg).

Sugar has also been elevated last year (Value between 8.5 and 9.5).

For sugar, I didn’t want to drink pill therapy. I tried to regulate it naturally, but I failed.

You can see the values ​​from a few days ago on the lab finding.

I can’t convey on paper the happiness I am filled with because of the fantastic result. It took almost 5 months, but it was worth every second



Anca 13.09.2020

In May, I was diagnosed with very high diabetes, which exceeded 250, as well as the most aggressive blood cholesterol levels, which also exceeded 400. The Dr. woman in Austria prescribed a medication and diet to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. and even sent him to the internal medicine to do a cholesterol check because it was the most aggressive cholesterol that attacks the heart. I followed the treatment prescribed by the doctor and followed my diet but did not reduce my diabetes to below 150-185. It's been four months since I struggled with these. But one fine August day, the good God made me happy to meet Mária Farkas, who coordinated and helped me buy my Root Clean slate drops! If not completely, but it helped 70%! I feel healed and it’s only been a month since I used ROOT drops and I can honestly say I was feeling well, after using Root drops I did the medical tests again and Dr .women and I were both very surprised that in such a short time I regulated my blood cholesterol levels and diabetes and over time I also lost 14kg! I feel very happy I am happy with the results of the drops and I boldly recommend you ROOT drops only all people need patience and ambition! I wish you health and a nice September day. –


Sara (04.11.2021)


My friend in her 60’s lived with pain for last 6 years

- imagine feeling like you were laying on a bed of broken glass with constant tingling pain and heat that the lightest clothing irritated with constant brain fog.

- taking 30 pills a day, chelation for 2 years, sitting for 2 hours for the $165 IV every 4-6 weeks, blood work, MRI’s, spending another $5k to get mercury fillings removed...

But praise be to God for Brenda sharing the best heavy metal detox on the planet - CS drops - with me and me with my friend Jane mentioned above - she has had her life back since February of this year!! #nomorepain

Thank you The Root Brand



Mike (26.10.2021)

Another Clean Slate testimony. I had gout in my big toe on my right foot. (Gout is a form of arthritis that causes pain and swelling in the joints, especially the big toes) I rubbed three drops of Clean Slate directly on my toe and took 5 drops orally just before bedtime. The pain stopped in a couple of minutes. Woke up this morning with no pain. I took my regular 5 drops of Clean Slate and experienced no pain all day.

Antal (26.10.2021)

Hello Guys!!

My name is Antal Farago 22 years old and I’m from Hungary, but I live in England. I would like to share my story with you!

I became acquainted with cross-country running 3.5 months ago. After my first run, I felt like I had found my new sport.After the first month I went to a 10 km competition where I won 3 places and 2 places among men.It was very inspiring for me, so I signed up for another race next month. I took 2 places again in this 10 km race. I started training more and more consciously, which got the fruit, I won the 10 km race .There was havy rain and wind. In the meantime, I came across a completely new brand (ROOT) whose products I started consuming on a daily basis, and which can be seen in the results, I achieved better and better results in terms of my health as well.

If you would like to join my training plan just text me privat or under my post!

Thanks for watching my story!


Birgit (04.12.2020)


Hello everyone, I just quickly wanted to give my testimonial with the amazing detox drops and brain boosting capsules.

First of all, I am 54 so menopause was my daily struggle.

I was just constantly tired, exhausted, overweight and moody.

Within a week of taking Clean Slate I felt so much more energized, didn't need a nap during the day. I did get a little headache and my skin broke out but that is part of detoxing and all went back to normal within a few days.

Well a month later I started with Zero in. If anybody would have seen me you would not have thought that it was me. 6 hours of sleep and right awake at 5 am ready to start the day as fresh as it can be. I laughed constantly, my focus was and still is as sharp as a knife and I sleep so well. I lost weight, my hair and skin looks amazing and I feel like a million dollars. So if anybody in menopause is having a difficult time, do yourself a favor and get onto these products. Life for me is fun again.



Mieke (21.05.2020)

Testimonial Mieke update 6-8 -2020

My name is Mieke Galiart

I'm from Holland. My whole life I have had abdominal pain, I have had thyroid cancer so my thyroid has been removed (so unfortunately I swallow a lot of junk) I must also mention that I was quite addicted to paracetamol, because I always had a headache ... I certainly used a box in the month ... big box,

Afther 1 month using Clean slate it was gone and never got back!

How happy I am for Clean slate

I have always been busy in my head and since January of this year I have found out that I have old age ADHD. Since April this year 2020 I use Clean Slate 2x 10 drops per day and ZeroIn 2x... and what happened is that my abdominal pain is gone and I've lost 10 pounds... And what I like so much is that I react much calmer to everything. And I also have more energy.

And I sleep that's great.

I also notice that my skin looks so beautiful and so soft, besides that my nails are so strong and nicely refreshed.

I also see changes in my hair that grow harder but they don't break so fast anymore...

How beautiful that is.

Thank you so much for these great products !



Jael (06.06.2020)

While painkillers can relieve pain, they can also cause your stomach to bleed if you take them for a long time. This can cause problems from simple indigestion to stomach ulcers from my experience

Taking a lot of painkillers may also cause kidney damage, attack the brain and liver.

People in agonizing pain want it to stop, and so they have no choice but to take painkillers. Doctors want to help their patients, so they may prescribe all kinds despite well-founded reservations.

At the same time, the epidemic of abuse of these painkillers has led to numerous deaths. Many people's whose lives were destroyed—who ended up in rehab, the legal system, or the grave—because of prescription painkiller abuse.

Cuting the whole story short, just 7 days of taking Clean Slate and ZI took away a headache I had experienced for avery long time. Many times I had to go for therapy for some relief. Then came Corona virus and I was not able to see the therapist, thanks to ROOT, the products are God sent they just came in good time, I thank God.

I urge everyone in pain to take a step of faith and try Clean Slate and ZI and thank me later.



Verena (20.09.2020)

Zero-in instead of painkillers
I woke up two consecutive mornings with a headache due to lack of sleep and some blockages in my spine. Really felt like having a hang-over. Instead of taking any painkillers, I took one Zero-In. And after 30 minutes, I did not only feel much more awake, but my headache was nearly gone and the pain in my spine had reached a bearable level. Great product!
I have been taking it every morning for the last few weeks and feel more focused and balanced.




Aisha (10.08.2020)


This is my testimony from 26.6.

When I started using Clean slate drops for the first two days I had a headache, stomach, and nausea. Then he passed. I didn’t notice any change, but after 4 days, my urine smelled very strong and I went to urinate more times than before. The second week I took the drops and noticed that I had lost 2-3kg and coughed less. The reason for the cough is that I am a strong smoker and I have been working with very strong cleaning products daily for 10 years and also with dust and mold. I use the product to cleanse my lungs of nicotine, dust, mold, which has accumulated over the years and causes a dry cough. It’s true that I’ve only been using Root Clean slate drops for 2 weeks, but I feel like I have more energy, I can handle hard work better and breathe easier. When I pick up the first bottle I will buy again and share my experiences in the group.


This is my testimony from today 10.8

I am back like I promised
Like I said I started to use Clean Slate clean my body from nicotine, chemicals using cleaning products on daily basis more like 10 years what I believe working perfectly but what I didn't expect and recognize till yesterday is eczema on my right leg. Probably years ago I saw that I have 2 small marks on my leg and so much itching and sometimes real pain. In London where I live is extremely bad water and my skin was always very dry. Also, I had a very bad experience with this strong water. A few years ago I have to call an emergency because 3 days I was in big pain and I thought I have an appendix. More like 6 doctors in the hospital can't find out what is a problem if even morphine didn't stop this horrible pain. It was nearly midnight when finding out that it's probably infection from water that I get using the bath. They didn't recommend me anymore drink water only filtered.

Yesterday after the shower I find out that my eczema disappeared 

Also, I lost again more weight what I really don't need because I have all my life 48-52kg but before I start using Clean slate I had 58,5kg and now I have 54kg. I can say also that my pneumatic around my belly how I call it  disappeared . My skin is so soft. I m 62 but I can say that I have less wrinkles like I had when I was younger and I am sure that I can thanks also for Clean slate because as Clayton said in one of his videos if we do detox more Water stay in our body. We know that reason why we have more wrinkles when we getting be old is that our bodies losing water.

So lady's isn't enough just spend so much money for expensive products get less wrinkles but drink a lot of "clean water " and use Clean slate for detox 


Swan (11.02.2021)

Thought I'd share my testimonial. I have been taking Clean Slate for a few days now. LOVING IT!! I'm a Dr. of Metaphysics and very in tune with my body. I immediately felt a burst of energy and light coursing throughout my body. I'm pretty healthy and have done years of cleansing and healing but I really feel this working in my veins, in my brain and glands/sensory organ areas. I feel leg energy strengthening, muscles wanting to stretch and work more and becoming more supple (yay, always hated exercising!) and bone matter in my spine and shoulders re-vibrating. Shedding layers. Thank you!


Mieke (07.11.2020)

Rooties, I need your help,

I woke up 5 weeks ago in the morning with an inflammation on my cheek and there was no animal around, not even Clayton .

Because I wasn't happy with it, I thought I'd go with it after the doctor...

who said he didn't know what it was and had to give it time no medicine no solution !

Because I was nauseous several times in that week I knew that is an inflammation and needs time, so I took more supplements and more clean slate ....

After 3 weeks it wasn't gone yet so I went after the beautician ... he poked him with a pin but it really came out 1 drop and nothing else she tried ....

After 5 weeks and regularly grumpy because yes I am a woman ... and I would also like to live on Facebook I went after the hospital ....

now it's .......

One doctor thought she was hiding something and cut it out, another doctor was brought in with an endoscope and she said ....

Is a scar what I said!

Not bumped never had no pimple of which , I said look after this picture on which she said no is not necessary a scar I thought am seriously not crazy....

what do you think and what should I do ... if I have it cut away like this she will have to remove 5 cm in 6 months so then it will be a real scar what would it really be .... i don't trust this doctor .


1. What is it

2. Where does it come from

3. How to get rid of it

I know now what it is !!

Growth of connective tissue




Noud (09.04.2021)

And then you wake up. Just listen, is it quiet now… ..? Where's my beep, not beep? … .. uhh, No more beeps…. ? No….

I get up very gently so as not to wake up my love. While walking I notice that I can hear my own feet walking. Maybe normal for many to hear when you walk, but I haven't heard it in a long time and it just strikes me now. I walk into my study, am I in a dream? am I awake? and I hear something ticking, ahh it's the clock on the wall. It always ticks, of course, but I haven't heard that for years either.

I sit at my computer, can't believe it, I'm listening…. and think I should write this down now. I have to record this story, this moment is now… I am going to share this and I start typing, I hear the strokes of my fingers on the keyboard… .. What is happening here.

What the F…. (sorry for my language)

I still hear my friend asking last week, Noud (my name) how is your tinnitus actually…. !?

You were still working on that detox and the sound had mutated or is it back…. ? Whaaa ..

Today is March 30, 2021, 7:00 in the morning and I see the full moon.

I, Noud Hekkens 59 years young, married to my sweetheart Lia, have been walking through this life with tinnitus for the last 20 years.

Just my story.

I have / had a very loud beep at 8600 Hz in my head. I always thought that I got that beep in the pub, where the music was way too loud. I was too close to a speaker that night, because of the crowds. At one point I just left I can remember because it didn't feel right. The next morning I woke up and there was that beep, a very loud beep at 8600 Hz in the middle of my head and it never went away. Until now…. !

I had been walking around with it for 10 years, thinking that nothing could be done about it. I had better resign myself to it, to prevent it from driving me completely insane. Man, man what does that cost me an energy. When I think back to it now I shoot full of emotion.

Good ... During meetings, which I had regularly because of my work as a designer constructor, it seemed like I was in a chicken coop. Was often difficult or unable to follow the speakers and sometimes I thought that I had heard things that had not been said at all, checking it afterwards. At some point you doubt everything. I constantly had to check with others, has this or that been said ? before making the wrong assumptions. It was at the expense of my health to. Bat sleep, no relaxation. My relationships failed. I was hit by a heart attack when I was 44. Not dead and luckily no damage to my heart, but ….. what does my future look like ?! I had to take lots of medication and my tinnitus did not get better of it. I felt old.

Then, 10 years later, I ended up with someone, who makes music just like me. 10 years with tinnitus in this life and a heart attack further. He was wearing hearing aids, or so I thought, and we started talking. As it turned out, they weren't just any hearing aids. They were tinnitus suitable hearing aids. I now know that those are just like half computers !! It filtered out a lot of unnecessary ambient noise, brought my ears back into balance a bit, I had no hearing los but a bit of imbalance, which I think almost everyone suffers from, and as a result he had less problems with his tinnitus. Ohh, does that exist ?! I had never heard of it then…. ?

I thought I should have those too. I go to the doctor, with a referral to the ENT-doctor. Yes, some hearing loss (to little for hairing aid) and therefore you are not eligible for hearing aids that they reimburse. But because you have tinnitus now you can get them. Hub, I purchased suitable hearing aids with his writing tinnitus. Whauw what relief.

In the meantime I had retrained and started doing other work. A little less stress in order to run a little less risk with regard to my health. Also adapted my lifestyle to contribute to a healthier life.

I am quite a researcher myself, and have been wondering all this time, where does that tinnitus come from? Via YouTube I came across Prof. Dr. Stokroos at the UMC Maastricht (University Hospital). Contacted them and made an appointment. He was willing to examine me extensively. Finally 9 examinations further, test after test and yes severe tinnitus Noud. Well, I already knew that myself, but still because it is so invisible it is nice to have a supporter and that he is someone who also understands tinnitus. It honestly gave me peace of mind. The beep just belonged to me I had intended. He was willing to help me and I was eligible for a cochlear implant. Oops… what is that then…. Well, that's not an intervention to me…. Look it up yourself. I then told Prof. Dr. Stokroos, thank you very much for all the examinations and we agreed, I think about it for a moment ans we will see. I also asked him, make it a bit smaller, so that people don't have to walk around with such a large cupboard on their heads. Well, I have not been back and that, and that is a good thing as it turns out now!!

For more information:

Robert Stokroos & Raymond van de Berg | Maastricht UMC+ (

I then returned to the hearing aid store. Whauw that saves me a lot of energy those devices, great. Beep is gone out from the center of my head and is a lot softer. During meetings, where I had a lot of trouble following the speaker in the buzz, these devices filtered out the buzz and I could easily follow the conversation. It did not exhaust me completely and at the end of the day, where I was sometimes so tired that I could not even drive home safely and I first had to take a power nap in the car, I was now still fit. Very happy with it.

I once got stuck in traffic and fell asleep. At one point there was honking and I was startled. I blocked the whole highway with my car, all traffic behind me stopped and I saw an empty highway at the front, no car to be seen. I was so ashamed. Since then I was afraid that this might just happen to me while driving, so just sleep in the car and refuel a bit before I have to parry an hour on the highway to get home.

Whauw, what a relief that tinnitus suitable hearing aids brought. Not sexy about those things behind the ears, but what difference does it make. Well, maybe a little. I was not dating at the time Whauw, what is all possible.

Anyway, the tinnitus was not gone and why is nobody looking for the source … what source cost actualy tinnitus, what actually now caused tinnitus?

Together with the man from the hearing aid shop, we finally converted the hearing aids, somewhat experimentally, and then carefully dismantled the entire interior (at my own risk that it might fail) and put them in one otoplastics. Fortunately, I have large ear canals and they eventually disappeared completely. I thought it was crazy because you hardly saw them anymore. Nice, but I felt like my head was in a fish bowl. The sound was very tinny and I couldn't get used to it. They also got way too warm in my ear because they closed off the ear completely and the plastic started to sweat, it got too hot. Oops… Drilled an air hole in the device but it didn't work. Experiment failed. It also started to irritate my ear and I developed severe inflammation. It didn't work and I ended up throwing them in the trash. Oops… Well, thing happen.

Purchased new ones, which also disappeared in the ear but gave more air. They weren't as nice as the first and my tinnitus was bad. Well….

Anyway, my research continued, where does that tinnitus come from now? From research I found out that tinnitus does not have to be directly related to hearing damage. It may have to do with a damage in your brain, a broken cell sitting there, a cell that was normally used to communicate with your ear and now no longer does that for whatever reason. Because it has nothing more to do, it will produce sound itself. One beep, another hum, and another maybe a hiss. It can be anything.

I also found that there was almost no hearing loss. A bit of imbalance and that was all. Aha, so maybe there is something wrong in the brain, but yeah, you can't do anything about it, I thought. What now.

At one point I needed new hearing aids. At Schoonenberg (hearing aid shop in the Netherlands) they had titanium tinnitus suitable in-ear hearing aids. Well, that seemed like something to me, it cost € 6,200 and they were not reimbursed. But to join as a volunteer I got a discount and was able to take them over at the end of the trial period for € 4,200, which I did then. Great devices and a whole new world opened up for me.

At the age of 57 I had my second heart attack. Helped again and was very lucky again that I am stil alive and almost no damage to the hart. I hadn't be together with my sweetheart Lia that long. I love here and we got married after my recovery. We are doing verry well now and we are always busy with healthy food and more research to a more healthy life style.

By coincidence last year I came across a new invention by an American lady, a scientist of which I have not encountered any before. An idiot savant if you ask me. She had developed a detox agent that removes heavy metals and toxic substances from the body. Research has shown, and we will be hearing more and more about it in the near future, that 98% of almost all diseases can be related to their source, heavy metals or toxins. I then started using her detox product, started September 2020 and started to study it further. I am terribly shocked what is not good in the field of toxic substances, heavy metals, vaccines, medication, pesticides etc. etc. and that this can make us very sick. Really unimaginable shock, I can tell you that. Also our food, is also modified and manipulated and often not healthy for us. Anyway, long story short. Tinnitus can be caused by eg mercury in the brain !! Mercury can enter our body in many ways, but it does not belong there. In the past they changed fillings in my mouth, removed them because it was amalgam (mercury). I didn't believe my own eyes when I read that. There are many scientific studies that support this. I thought it will not be true that this is also going on with me and with my tinnitus !?

So I started detoxing myself last September. I noticed that it was very intense in the beginning and I could only tolerate just 10% of the dose. I also had to stop for a day. Anyway, what has crept in over the years cannot be removed in a few days / months, I had already prepared myself for that. That really takes longer, so I kept going detoxing myself.

I had started with the full dose at first. After two days that did not go well. Stomach ache, pain in my lungs, I started to smell out of all the pores. What is happening here. Stopped for a moment. Then I started again very quietly and increased the dose very slowly. I lingered at 50% of the maximum dose for 14 days and then continued. It kept getting better. I also started to feel better. There were days when I took a shower three times a day. The bad substances just came out through the skin. I noticed that my skin changed, naturally oily. My hair and nails started to grow faster. After 1 month I also started taking a pill from the same founder. That gave me peace of mind, cleared my head, gave me focus and I can concentrate super. Awake during the day and great sleep at night. As a result, I woke up sparkling, and that now every day, of the energy. I have contacted America and have since become an Ambassador for this product. I now have continuous contact with the discoverer of this detox agent and the pill, a capsule that I take twice a day. The detox remedy comes in a bottle and you just put a drop in your water or through your food. After 1 month, and now I'm going to tell you something incredible, I noticed that my beep mutated. I thought this cannot be true, I imagine that. The frequency went down to 5500 Hz and the beep got much softer. After a while I no longer felt the need to wear my hearing aids and it seemed as if I had started hearing better too. Strange… Very strange. He had been away once before. Now this morning I woke up and my beep was gone…. Normally I could not fall asleep because of my beep but now because he was no longer there. I couldn't believe it and I thought I'd just get out of the bedroom. Gently out of bed and I walked out of the bedroom hearing my own feet walking on the floor. I went to my study and there I heard the clock ticking in all silence around me. Now I think I hear the silence but not a beep anymore. Very, very far away maybe a little bit, but then I really have to concentrate. I can hear my laptop's fan. Now I am convinced that this bit of what I hear will also go away. I am indescribably happy. How glad I am that I never gave up looking for the source of this misery. Now it appears that detoxing works great for many other conditions and most people experience almost immediate relief. Think of cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia, Lyme, autism, Hashimoto and therefore tinnitus.

I no longer (a littlebit ) have tinnitus after 20 years !!! I'm crying now.

Have a nice day everyone, greetings Noud & Lia

Mark (29.09.2020)

Hey ...How are you all fellow Rooters ...You probably know my Psoriasis story already and I am please to say the progress continues ....But here are a couple of pictures to show you that my overall health is moving on BIG TIME ..i believe that Root has helped me to get here ...15KG weight loss ...NO Psoriasis and feeling GOOD , but now its time for Brain workout , so I have just started Zero In this week , so here we go ...lets see if I can take over the world now ...To all of you stick with these amazing products ....The journey is different for all of us , but perseverence has to be the Key ...Happy Rooting all



Mart (27.08.2021)

July 21, 2017 on my birthday I was told I had a melanoma type1 that needed to be treated.

First the dermatologist removed the melanoma surgically but on 8-8 2017 they still had to operate on me again... because the edges were not clean so a bigger piece had to be removed in depth and also around the edges....

I hereby want to give you a warning if you spot this spot anywhere!

Mieke, my wife, told me right away that I had to take a supplement, both internal and external, based on black cumin seeds and developed by Dr. Christina Rahm

On the day of my surgery I was given a load of medicines which I did not take, only extra supplements on a natural basis.

Still I was regularly bothered by spots that had to be removed every time, luckily no more such a big operation but still at every checkup something was found.

In May 2020 I started with Clean Slate and a few months later with Zero-In, what I soon noticed was that the spots that I had quickly diminished and I haven't had any surgery since.

At the last checkup in the same year I was declared completely cured and did not have to come back,

I do get regularly checked by Mieke for spots and my blood is also regularly tested.

In 2021 Restore came in the country and also there I notice that my scar has faded and that my skin has become softer.

All in all I am a happy 70 year old guy .


Marga (22.02.2021)

This is an article I found this week in a Dutch Health magazine. It's written in Dutch but maybe you can translate it in your own language. The bottom line is that 9 of the 10 little baby's in this American research missed a very important bacterium: bifobacterium longis subsp. Infantis, with which they digest mothermilk. Unbelievable! We know what the reason probably is.



Anne (17.02.2020)

My Story with CleanSlate

My son was born a healthy baby boy – 8lbs 8oz, APGAR score of 9. I refused the Vitamin K shot and Hepatitis B shot, as did I avoid all shots which were recommended to me during my pregnancy. I ate healthy, no GMOs, I detoxed before I got pregnant and carefully followed a strict nutrient dense paleo diet after he was born. There is nothing in my environment that I believe myself to have been exposed to that would harm my son both physically and neurologically.

It was a trying Marriage that I was involved in at the time – my husband and I disagreed on the issue of shots – their safety, necessity etc. I did convince him to wait a few years on the shots and space them out eventually. It was a compromise for 2 people who felt very differently about this issue. Come a year later, after my son had been breastfed for 2 years and ate only the most nutritious food on the face of the planet. The shots. It had been a month since my ex and I had separated and my son came to my house acting very strange. He was banging his head up against the wall, repeating words over and over again.

His reading abilities (he was extremely bright for his age) – recognizing small site words, letters, all vanished overnight. He was not the same boy that I knew. He stared off into space and I could tell as a mother that not only was he disconnected, more so than before, but also lacked that lust for life that he possessed so deeply in his soul. I later found out that the day before he came, my son had received multiple shots at once. There was no doubt in my mind that something in those shots was triggering this response. My theory was it was heavy metal poisoning, though I did not do a DMPS chelation test to verify.

I did not know what to do. I tried a lot of Dr Russell Blaylock’s remedies – high dose EPA, Liposomal C, bentonite and magnesium baths. None of these things seemed to work very effectively at healing his brain from whatever poison had ravaged him. Along came CleanSlate. I was sitting on the plane talking to a man who claimed he had a heavy metal detox product that could penetrate the blood-brain barrier in caged nano particles. My attention piqued, and I parted ways with him and a phone number that was a god moment – one that has helped save my son’s future.

I tried the product on both myself and my son over the course of three months. At first I did not notice much of a difference, but around 1 month, things started to click and I noticed he was much more focused and engaged, both at home and with his schoolwork. At the 2 month mark, he began to read again, at a very accelerated pace, and his math skills shot up 10 times his normal progression than they had been. He started doing multiplication, larger addition with me. I was stunned, he was 5 years old and showed little interest in math and writing/reading while he was in his regression state. Now he was so fascinated by the world, and, well, just wanted to learn and soak up knowledge like a sponge.

I went to a parent teacher conference, and the teachers were telling me how amazed they were at his recent progress, calling it “amazing and miraculous” how quickly he was learning. Of course they attributed it to their new teaching style, but I know what the difference was – it was the CleanSlate, and my son most definitely had heavy metal toxicity issues. From where? I can only speculate. But many of us who are parents who have had a similar experience can attest to a similar witnessed connection.

I do not work for ROOT, nor was I compensated for this testimonial. I can say that I urge parents whose children are suffering from a similar symptom set try this product. It has been nothing short of a saving grace to me and my son, and our family. Your child is worth it all!!




Tracy (11.11.2020)

Yay here we go ..... my pops has Lewy body Dementia, Diabetes and now a thyroid issue, also had rectal cancer ..... let this journey begin I will share as we go


Mieke (24.08.2021)

Because many people sometimes do not understand that my chronic disease is not something small, I struggle with it for 23 years!


I will be with you all my life

People around you can't see or hear me, but your body can. I can attack you wherever I want. For example aching joints, brain fog, headaches!

Do you remember when you had a lot of energy, Well, sometimes I join in: your energy, I leave you exhausted memory loss or your concentration.

I can make you sleep for many hours or I can cause insomnia. I make you tremble and feel cold, everyone else's temperature is normal.

I can make your feet, hands, face or eyes swell, I can make you very anxious and suffer from panic attacks.

i am very complicated...

Do you remember that sudden mood change? Yes, it was me... Crying for no reason... Me, angry for no reason! That's me too.

I can make your hair fall out, thin, dry and brittle. I can cause acne, dry skin! i have no boundaries

I will make you gain weight no matter what or how you eat.

Doing activities like walking or exercising won't get me out of your body, but it will calm me down a bit, if you have the energy!

I know you went to the doctor to "sort me out". Treatments help me relax for a while, but not forever!

I can cause high cholesterol, blood pressure problems, that's just me! Heart and liver problems? That's me too! Dental problems? So am I!

Will you feel tired.... yup, and your family and friends will be tired of hearing you moan over and over how "I feel so bad". They won't know that I am removing some of the energy that your body and mind need daily to perform their tasks!

They won't understand you! why this disease attacks your body from your hair to the tips of your toes, and that every cell and organ of your body needs the right amount of thyroid hormones that I'm shedding!

I am so glad that I have accepted my thyroid problem, and that I have found a remedy that relieves me of a lot of ailments.


Trinity my salvation!



Diana (16.07.2020)

An update

Can you tell the difference? Left 4 weeks ago, right is today, And you're only talking about my skin, my migraine is much less, I sleep well again since a few days and all that after a few weeks. I had to go through it for a while but the result is all due to clean slate which I also do on my skin and the zero in. I am happy.


Vaso (16.08.2021)

dear rooters…i am taking CS since a year. twice a day, each 10drops. now, i admit i wasn’t always ‘super clean’, nutrition, alcohol, etc. …not in an abusive manner.

last week i had an infection, had to take some antibiotics.

since about a few days (maybe 5) days, i have to go more often to WC (same when i started with CS), headaches, tiredness, restless mind, joint pains (only both thumbs), today i have the feeling i could drink gallons.

am i going through another cleansing process? ideas, experiences, tips very welcome….thank you


Tracy (04.12.2020)

I want to share my story of never giving up and the power of sharing.

March 2018 my body finally said enough, I was mentally, emotionally and physically wiped out.

My disc prolapsed and I couldn’t sit stand, walk or pee, I ended up having spine surgery, a week later my womb bleed out and I needed a transfusion then 16 weeks later my Achilles’ tendon snapped.

Life put me into repression to listen because I had not been listening, I had ignored my body screaming at me to stop, yet my mind worked me to exhaustion.

I was in survival mode, chasing money in fear of not being able to provide for my kids as a solo mum.

All my life experiences caught up with me, the guilt, the shame, the rejection, the denial and the insecurity wiped me out.

Yet it gave me a fresh new start, I dug deep and faced everything, step by step I broke down the story playing out in my mind, I learned to feel everything and learned emotion was safe and not to fear feeling it all, I started to listen to my bodies physical needs and set on the journey of healing ..... my new Moto is feel it to heal it

Life knows exactly what we need and sends it to us we just have to be open enough to receive the gifts it has to offer.

One person after another shared their wisdom with me and I started to implement wellbeing into my life.

So today I am here here to share my story and the power of love, transformed insecurity, I no longer deny my body what it needs to thrive, no longer ashamed of who I am and my heart is wide open to sharing my story and the products and tools that transformed me into the women I am today.

I am grateful to Kelly for reaching out after she saw a post about my dad, I’m grateful to Sandy for all of his support and guidance, I am grateful to the root brands products and team behind the products Clayton your wisdom shared each week is priceless .... Christina for her amazing mind & product creation, thanks to Dani @ Dino for all their support and wisdom to grow this amazing business.

I did not know how I was going to pay for these products as I was on benefit re building my life, yet my heart said share as I shared with trust, faith and belief in what these products had the possibility of doing in my pops and those who used them, I generated enough to buy my own products, I had no idea how we got rewarded I just saw credits mounting up in my account.

From using the products my mind has become so much clearer, my energy is off the charts ( 5 drops clean slate am and pm and 1 zero in) and my passion to help others increased 10 fold.

Your body is talking to you are you listening ?

Much love to all



Vincent (30.11.2020)

So far, i can testify personally the claim of Victor over his recovery from depression and anxiety. I visited him this morning and we talk about his experience over the last 7 days after he took the Clean Slate and Zeroin. There's really no words to express his happiness. The smile on his face. The tears of joy that ran on his cheeks. The skin became smooth. You can see the over all expression of a happy man who just found the antidote of his malady from years of suffering.

He said that, It saved him a lot of money, energy and effort to come and visit his psychiatrist regularly just to buy another round of anti depressant. Now, his sleep pattern was restored. He sleeps like a babe. He sleeps at 9:30pm and wakes up at 6:30am straight. His concentration was restored and not even a trace of anxiety at all. In short, it was an amazing miracle experience for the past 7 days.

I was really really happy and inspired too. Helping people, and make them happy with the outcome is more than enough to fulfill your mission as an ambassador of good health and happiness to many people. To be passionate in what we do relentlessly, and by doing this wholeheartedly, we're putting a smile on the face of God.



Vincent (27.11.2020)

My first goodnews is, i had a friend who was suffering with depression and anxiety last sunday. For almost a week, he wasnt able to sleep due to fear of unknown and panic attacks. He had suicidal thoughts already and other physical manifestations due to fear.

I told him to try clean slate and zeroin, so he took the product sunday night. The following day, i texted him to ask his condition and the efficacy of the product, he told me with overjoyed and excitement that finally he was able to sleep soundly like a baby and the anxiety was gone. He felt really good inside and calm. Now, he testified, that he is now recovering and his life got back to normal. He is now very happy with full of life and exuberance.



Tracy 18.11.2020

Dad’s Journey so far week 1

Pre starting

Over come rectal cancer

Diabetes type 2 since age 45

Stroke October 2019 effected his speech and emotional state

Dementia (lewy Body) past 5 years

Thyroid (Hyper) just diagnosed

Lost 5 st in weight last 18 months

Body and lip tremors

Walked with a stoop

Needed assistance walking

Needed assistance with going to the bathroom

Needed assistance showering, drying and dressing himself.

Day one Clean Slate 1 drops am 1 drop pm

Day two Clean slate drops 1 am 1 pm

Day Three (Changes started) Clean slate 2 am 2 pm

Walked un aided yet had to go with him as still wobbly

Remembered How to go to the toilet and sit down ( needed assistance at the end)

Day Four Clean slate Drops 3 am 3 pm

Mind mixed up pre drops

Walking better , slightly less stoop

Expressed he felt happier and more with it.

Took himself for a shower, dried and mostly dressed himself.

Slept through the night.

Day 5 Clean Slate Drops 4 am 4 pm

Didn’t wake until 5.30

very little shaking

more energy after drops

mentally more focused

Took himself for a shower, dried and mostly dressed himself.

walked around un aided yet got tired and slept on and off all day

In bed by 8.30pm

Day 6 Clean Slate Drops 5 am 5 pm

Had woken a couple of times through the night to pee yet took himself

blood sugars 4.4

Little shaky today

managed to electric shave himself, needed a little assistance to dry and dress today

Fell asleep in chair then woke up all shaky so needed assistance to go to bed before drops

Slept right through to 8.30 am

Day 7 (today so far ) Clean slate Drops 6 am

Quiet bright this morning

Took self to the bathroom

Blood sugars 5.1

Blood Pressure 161/94

emotion Happy

mind seems clearer

shakes lip yes hands and arms very little

2 hrs after drops fell asleep for solid 2 hrs

ate a good lunch



Sandy (22.02.2021)

“This just in”

I started CS about 3 weeks ago. I was bedridden for most of last year with Lymes/Epstein Barr and now I am up everyday albeit not yet with a lot of energy but the change is miraculous. I've rejoined the world, I'm laughing everyday. I have been thinking about my family tree: my grandmother died aged 30 of Hogkins (cancer) my mother her daughter got alzheimers, my sister is bi polar and my niece her daughter has MS and v severe depression and then there's me. The medics have tried to give me loads of labels over the years: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, then Lymes and Epstein Barr. So what if all of this has been caused by mercury and heavy metals? Years ago doctors used to give out mercury in a glass of water as a tonic! So it's in all of us and is passed down from generation to generation. Mercury used to be used to cure syphilis. Since taking CS not only is my energy coming back, my vital force is too. I'm dreaming, having night mares (mercury leaving) and now I'm seeing ghosts again and my psychic abilities are coming back.



Noud (22.02.2021)

Here is the story of Ad. Ad has now for more then 30 years cancer ... He has gone true a lot ... I am Ad's budy for the last 25 years now. This is his Testimonial.

Below is a photo of Ad 35 years ago.

Son (The Netherlands) February 14, 2021,

Hi I'm Ad,

I live in Son (the Netherlands).

I am now a man of 65 years and half of these 65 years was dominated by my negative health.

I am a son from a farming family. I grew up in Son en Breugel, where my parental home still stands, where my brother and his wife are now living in. I am trained as a metal worker. In my early years I also enjoyed working in the metal industry. But I am now completely incapacitated for work due to my health. I used to play football a lot, had music as a hobby and enjoyed going on a moped with friends, visit a bar or so in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. I was married, but later also divorced. I now live independently with some help (from family, friends).

As a result of various problems, for example dizziness, headaches, a little hearing loss, the doctors conducted several studies with me and they came to the conclusion that I had acoustic neuroma. It concerned a so-called rare cancer tumor.

They then surgically tried to remove this tumor as best as possible. The operation and the recovery period afterwards was difficult and took me a long time. The 1st problem arose in 1987, because of this tumor in my head near my cerebellum, I then got all kinds of complaints.

At the time, this operation took 10 to 12 hours with plenty of anesthesia and an abundance of corticosteroids to survive. This is to prevent inflammation. Using this was necessary.

The direct consequences of this operation were hearing loss on the left and several nerves broken and / or damaged. All additional consequences of this could not be fully foreseen at that time.

Unfortunately, this operation had to be repeated 3 years later because the tumor had grown back.

More nerves were broken and / or damaged during this procedure. A.o. on the eyelid of my left eye, which resulted in the fact that it would not close by itself. The risk was that during the night my eye dry out and that I would lose my left eye. So I was also surgically helped with that. During an operation they implanted a small piece of gold in my upper eyelid, so that I can open and close it now as best as possible. With a lot of ointment every day it goes reasonably well.

The years that followed were mainly devoted to recovery. With the help of a lot of medication, recovery has been worked on as far as possible. Subsequently, however, in 2010 it turned out that the blood flow in my shoulder bone had stopped. This was caused by too much use of the corticosteroids at the time.

The only way to save anything from the bone was a bone transplant. A splinter was taken from my thigh and implanted in my shoulder. This operation then took 6 hours. A 6-hour operation is also accompanied by the necessary anesthesia and medication afterwards.

During the removal of the acoustic neuroma, they had placed a drain in the hollow space that had arisen to drain cerebrospinal fluid through a tube that ran through my neck to my abdominal cavity. However, this drain had to be removed some time, a few years later, because it started to ignite. A cyst had formed in the hollow space and started to grow from this hollow space into my brain. Again, surgery had to be performed, everything cleaned as well as possible and the drain was removed. And again the necessary anesthesia and the necessary other medicines.

Some time later, in the hope that this would severe me, with my heavy and regular headache complaints, I also had one minor operation on my nose. Anesthesia and medication was needed again.

Because of all the procedures, I am now tired very quickly. Sometimes I am unintentionally out of balance and I have to be careful not to fall over. I can hardly use the arm where I was treaded on my shoulder. I regularly still have severe headaches, then I take heavy medication and I have to wait in bed when these headaches are gone.

A few years later I had blood in my urine. Research showed that I had polyps in my bladder. These can be the precursors of tumors. These polyps, it was thought to be 5, were surgically removed to save the bladder and it turned out that there were 9 in total. During the operation they also found out that I had a bladder diverticulum. A bladder diverticulum is a bag-shaped bulge of the bladder wall caused by a weak spot in it. They then immediately removed this to. This is because there is a risk that urine will remain in this and this can become irritated and possibly get ignite with all its consequences. Furthermore, the surgeon thought it would do well to remove the lymph nodes in my abdomen. This can potentially pose a risk of cancer. The result, however, was a disrupted moisture balance. Everything became thick and painful. Drains were then placed for this to drain the excess moisture. The recovery took a long time and lasted for a long time. Now I walk around with a compression stocking to reduce the risk of an embolism.

Again, all these procedures involved a generous dose of anesthesia and medication. The recovery period became increasingly difficult and took me longer every time. Little by little you are deprived of the pleasure of life.

Some time afterwards, one inguinal hernia was diagnosed. Another problem that also had to be operated on.

Then, somewhere in mid-2017, I gradually became deaf in the other ear on the right in a short period of time. In one I was completely deaf, I heard nothing any more. And I got tinnitus for free as a bonus. Again several examinations and another operation had to be done. A cochlear implant has been placed. A so called CI device. This implant in my head was the only alternative to be able to hear anything in this life, so again surgery and necessary anesthesia and medication.

It went fine for a little bit of time, but than again I had blood in my stool. Examination again and I was found to have a tumor in the colon / small intestine junction. So colon cancer was diagnosed and, according to the internist and oncologist, I had to have one piece removed from my colon. After an internal examination and CT scan, they believed that surgery was the only solution to prevent worse. Because I no longer felt like having another procedure, another surgery again, I was afraid that I would no longer be able to cope with these procedures physically, I decided not to have anything done and made agreements with my doctor about euthanasia if necessary. He proposed to monitor the process and to make another CT scan 3 months later.

During that period, a friend of mine, Noud, pointed out to me that there is the possibility of using high-quality food in the form of cold-pressed seed mixes. One mix for the whole system and the other mix for all organs. One mix reduces the level of inflammation in the blood, contains the antioxidant equivalent of 8-10 servings of fruit, 8-10 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of healthy fatty acids. The other mix takes care of the organs from mouth to butt. I immediately started using these cold-pressed seed mixes. One in the morning, after getting up and the otherone in the evening, before going to bed. On advice I used it and still use it to this day.

After 3 months of use, a new appointment was scheduled for a CT scan on the advice of the GP. This was taken and a few days later I got the results. When examined by a surgeon, it turned out that there was nothing left of a tumor on this scan. The internist and oncologist could not believe it and were very surprised. The operation was canceled.

Some time later a preventive examination, they looked into my bladder where I had previously been helped. As a result of this so-called Cystoscopy I developed a very high fever, I was verry sik and that would not go away quickly and even after several antibiotics - courses it just did not go away.

Even now, Noud pointed out to me that a new product had come on the market that could possibly help. This is because Noud was afraid that through all the procedures, anesthesia and medication and perhaps also my earlier work in the metal industry I could have burdened me too much with toxic substances and heavy metals over the years. So the advice was to start detoxing - detoxing. I started doing that then and still do this now. They are two products from Root that I use. One is a drop that I mix with my water and the other is a capsule that I take twice a day. It's 100% natural and I feel good about it. The fever has disappeared and tensions in my head are decreasing.

Despite the fact that two years ago I was willing to end my life if necessary, I was more or less saying goodbye to everyone at that time, I now see a little light at the end of the tunnel again.


Lidwien (20.07.2020)

First I like to thank my friend Mieke for sharing her information with me about ROOT. Without that, I wouldn’t have been in the position of trying the ROOT products. So thank you very much Mieke!

Two months ago, May 2020, I started with Clean Slate, 10 drops in the morning, 10 drops in the evening.

The first days I had to go to the toilet very often, sorry for the details, but I had no idea where it all came from! I didn't notice anything else except that the Clean Slate drops started to taste dirtier and dirtier. After about 4 weeks I noticed that I felt calmer.

And after 6 weeks I started taking Zero-In, 2 capsules in the morning.

I noticed the following changes:

I have absolutely no need for sweets anymore! No more cravings for me! That's really special because I was always a huge candy girl. Not just one cookie, but the whole roll! Not one piece of chocolate, but the whole block! I also don't need coffee or alcohol anymore, I drink it now because I like it, but not because my body asks/ begs for it.

I also suddenly noticed that the tremor in my hands, which I have had since I was a teenager, is getting less and less. I never could have imagined this, but my hands feel calmer and more relaxed.

My skin is super soft and better hydrated. Normally after showering I had to lubricate very well because my skin was so dry, now it isn't anymore! and my skin looks much better also.

Then my belly! That's really unbelievable, it's much thinner and more supple, no more bloating, not even when I eat pizza once (I never did that anymore because I was getting more and more intolerant to gluten. ).

And then there's my big toe joint, still a bit sore despite other supplements, so I always walk on flat shoes. Yesterday I could actually have my boots on with a heel, and walk without pain, and in the evening no swollen, painful joint anymore.

Furthermore I feel calm, relaxed, my head/thoughts are finally calm, I sleep like a rose and I have infinite energy and joy of life. I am 55 now, but feel better than 25 years ago!

This is what I notice in changes, but what really counts for me, is that I know that my body is now structurally cleaned of heavy metals and toxins!

I am really curious what Clean Slate and Zero-In the coming months will do for me even more. I like to be surprised and will keep you posted!

Keep in mind sharing is caring, and never assume anyone doesn't need these products.



Cardone (20.07.2021)


Just another reason we need clean slate!

So often I hear people say... What’s the big deal? I ate Frosted Flakes all the time as a kid, and I’m just fine

If you “grew up” in the 60s, 70s, 80s, or early 90s, a lot of the processed food you ate back then is NOT the same food you are consuming today

Here’s the real answer. If you are older than 30, the Frosted Flakes ingredients you ate back then are not the Frosted Flakes ingredients today in that Tony the Tiger box

1983- aspartame was allowed in carbonated drinks

1988- FDA approved ace-k

1993- FDA approved rBST and rBGH growth hormones for cows

1994- FDA began approving GMOs in food supply

1996- Roundup Ready soy approved for US food supply

1998- Roundup Ready corn approved for US food supply

1998- GMO canola approved

2000- organic labeling implemented

2007- GMO sugar beets approved

Unfortunately, I could keep going...

-The Family That Heals Together


Bruce (17.03.2021)

New here. Thanks for having me. Looking for support. Recovering ( I hope) from psych med damage and mold toxicity. Mold being, I believe, the original cause. Wish I knew that before I sought relief from anxiety and depression by seeing a psychiatrist. I’m basically toxic. Got my first bottle of Root yesterday. Could use support from others who had similar background.


Noud (14.07.2021)

The message below was sent to me, is from Wendy ....


Ugh what a life…. I was always in pain, always overstimulated and panicked. I really didn't think my life was a party anymore I couldn't even be a normal mom, no messing around with the kids, no cycling, running or kicking a ball which I always liked to do. We had moved beautifully detached and I finally had my vegetable garden and yes my pig “Guus” but what good was it I couldn't even take care of it. Morphine 9 x a day, sometimes extra morphine patch, soothing medication to make sure I didn't panic no less than 13 pills a day, which of course also made me tired and drowsy I often thought yah is this it ???

By chance I met Noud and we struck up a conversation. He told about his -3-2-1 products, his drops and I thought well it will all be fine there is nothing that can help me anymore.....

And then I received a bottle and a sweet card and I started with the drops as Noud had told me. And regularly he asked how are you now??

Last week water fight with my son gosh we had so much fun and I could run, fresh out of bed every morning when the beautiful nature wakes me up, my hair that I can brush again without fear because the tufts fall out. And my bike rides to the farm where I like to watch the young animals. First dependent on a scooter and now wonderful on my bike. And my pain? Hardly any more so Noud was right and I could still be helped.

How grateful I am for his help. I can enjoy life again and live well and in a while I will become a grandmother and I can even do fun things with my grandchild.

Thank you dear Noud




Yes, this is what we do it for. No one deserves to go through life in pain!! Maybe it's not for you, maybe it is, we won't know until you try it like Wendy. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Wendy I'm so happy for you it makes me emotional. From now on every day one degree better, never again one degree worse. Love Noud & Lia!!


Eliana (14.06.2020)

Cake in a cup, low carb & healthy


- 1 dropper of Clean Slate (10 drops)

- 2 tablespoons of Almond Flour

- 1 tablespoon of Cocoa Powder (with no sugar)

- 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder

- 1/2 tablespoon of unsweetened evaporated milk ( or 1/2 tablespoon of milk and 1/2 teaspoon of sour cream, approximately)

- 1 egg yolk (you can save the egg white in a container and store it in the fridge)

- Stevia (liquid or powdered, start with about 1/4 of a teaspoon and add gradually until the sweetness is of your liking)


1. In a small microwaveable cup, combine all of the ingredients and mix them well with a fork, also add your Clean Slate

2. Take excess off the fork and place the cup in the microwave for about 1 and a half minutes or until it is cooked completely (it is cooked completely when there is no more wet mixture and everything is like a small bread or cake)

3. Top it with whatever you like here we put a bit of agave honey and coconut shreds on top, the honey makes it a bit less low carb but it is up to you which toppings you use


#recipes #healthy #CleanSlate #detox

Mieke (10.03.2021)

I take the challenge and my mind was completely open ,fresh .. I was walking in the nature and I good hear the birds better sing , and see much more then ever the colors the trees it was absolutely amazing you need to try this ...I did a view day again it was even better because the first day it was so strong and It was new for me under the tongue,and I don’t know what was happening... but now I try it again and it was easier and it’s is so clear in my head and brain

And I can do so much more I love it really ... you need to do it ... I dare you .......... to try it



Elsbeth (26.12.2020)

I was so moved to hear about the positive changes my 18 year old niece had, using the Root products and I am incredibly pleased to share her story she personally wrote for you.

I’ve been struggling with ADHD-PI (ADD) for a long time. I was officially diagnosed when I was 15, but in elementary school my teachers already described me as dreamy and absent. It’s always been hard for me to stop my mind from constantly racing, which is why I was always incredibly tired. This, alongside my inability to focus, caused for a lot of difficulties in school which eventually led to me to having to switch to a lower level of education.

When I started taking the Root products, the tiredness went away almost completely. My ability to focus on one thing at a time also improved a lot. I can now easily study for at least 30 minutes back to back, something that would have taken me a lot of effort a few months ago.

Over this past short period of time I and the people around me have noticed a change in my behaviour. I am more energetic then I’ve ever been before and I’ve been feeling happier.

My ADHD-PI hasn’t gone away completely, but the CLEAN SLATE and ZERO-IN have helped reduce it a lot. I’m very thankful for the Root products, they’ve really changed my life for the better.



Clayton (25.04.2020)


Vitamin D is the second most purchased nutritional supplement in the world and the most recommended by practitioners. Did you know that all the sunlight in the world and all the vitamin d supplementation you can use will not help you if you are polluted? Cure the Cause! A CleanSlate leads to a healthy system and proper use of the nutrients you need.

More importantly your Vitamin D supplements may be making you even more toxic. #CleanSlate

Vitamin D increases intestinal calcium and phosphate absorption. Not so well known, however, is that vitamin D stimulates the co-absorption of other essential minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc; toxic metals including lead, cadmium, aluminum, and cobalt; and radioactive isotopes such as strontium and cesium.



Theetsa (24.06.2020)




Positive Mindset

Helps with chronic constipation(metabolism)

Cleanse the bowel, expel old stools and worms

Help Purifies Blood and maximize absorption of nutrients

Flush out toxins

Clearer Skin

If you look good, you feel good. Do it the vegan way. Say NO to GMO's

Don't heal the diagnosis, heal the cause.

Dig deep to the root of the problem. You heal the cause



Wunschi (10.05.2021)

wet #macular degeneration. My girlfriend 73 years old. she is very sporty! does not take any conventional medicine. and stayed very youngdoes not take school-medication. gets a special syringe from the ophthalmologist in the left eye every 4 weeks. She had august 20 only 40% vision. this went up to 80% before root clean slate with alternative vitamins and probiotics and Lektin-Free.

now the right eye starts at the same time as clean-slate start with wet macular. She had 20% visual performance April 21 and far left eyes also gets worse again! is she doing something wrong? who knows advice! it's about my girlfriend's eyesight! I want to help. She has rather deterioration. who has had positive experiences and can tell me?

We are from Germany She need help! Take 2 times 5-5-0 clean-Slate since 4 weeks.

no improvement! rather deterioration. who has had positive experiences and can tell mecwhat we cam do?

Thanks a lot! Hope my English is good enough?

Heidi Ra Dr-Dori Gormé Naerbo and Clayton Thomas



Careyann (12.03.2021)

I gave my husband one of my zero-in pills this morning sublingually and this was his response:

“I don’t know if that zero root is something that can be taken daily, but it really lights up my brain and improves my mood and makes me want to get things done and improve and move forward. Maybe I could get some for myself and take it daily?”



Mart (28.06.2021)

Have you ever seen someone as happy as I am.

I've been walking with one ear closed for about 4 weeks....

and yes I am quite stubborn well I am glad I admit it. What I had already tried a few times was to get it out with a water syringe..

Mieke said yesterday evening now I'm done with it, I'm going to drip Clean Slate in your ear and that will help with soaking off your earwax and you'll be better tomorrow.

Said so done drops in 2 x 2 drops and lie on my side with a cotton ball..

This morning again 2 drops in it..

What happened is this; I started with the syringe again and I'll spare you that photo, but a large plug of hardened earwax came out that completely blocked the ear canal.. that consumes energy because you don't hear anything ...

it kept coming it's out I can hear again I'm a happy person..


It's great to hear this from a skeptical stubborn man.


Krispy (21.06.2021)

Hi all

I have a question from a friend :

Can CS be given to a baby? And breastfeeding moms?


Clayton: There are some amazing ROOT’d moms and babies.


Nicole (16.05.2021)

Below are words from my massage client who has been my regular for yearrrrs and is also a dear friend . You guys have completely No Idea what these words mean to me! Totally Priceless!!!!!

Thank you so much Root for giving people the Hope they've been truly looking for the majority of their life!!! Rock On With The Trinity!!!

Yes it feels good laughing and being funny. 4th Week!

Awesome.......I can't get over how wonderful my sleep is now. Its been a problem most of my life.


Ingrid (28.07.2021)

Let me share my recent experience on herbal teas fasting with the combination of Root products. I ve done many fasting periods ( on juice, on water...) already, and so far I haven't enjoyed any of them that much. Usually I experienced some cleansing crises in the first few days... like fatigue, drowsiness, lack of energie... And this time, with the support of Root products : cs 5 droops in morning, zin: 1 caps, half sache of Restore... I felt eneegized, uplifted, clairvoyant... with a light body that almost like to fly... I have feeling that I could live on this fuel all the time.

Amazing experience, Thank you Root family

Ingrid from Slovenija


Robert (15.10.2020)

I have been taking Zeolite as a detox for about 18 months now.

This new detox right here ROCKS! I always had to mix my previous brands with water.

Finally one I can just put the drops directly under my tongue!

Oh yeah, great for Dogs too! Get rid of the crap in their dog food and all the heavy metals and toxins. Remember, they drink a lot of water too!



Noud (21.06.2021)

To all people and especially cardiovascular disease patients

Within 1 year I can tell you that I am living in a completely different life and I no longer use medicines for my heart !!

Just a short story in the context of Social Sharing from me.

First of all, do nothing without consulting your doctor and / or specialist !! I am not a doctor !!

Cardiovascular disease has everything to do with inflammation in your body and if you know how to get rid of it…. beautiful things can happen !?

I had my first heart attack in 2006 and my second in 2017. Both times they catheterized, doped and placed a stent. The first time the left- and the second time the right- coronary artery. My second surgery also revealed that the stent they had put in in 2006 was closed and they reopened it with a second surgical intervention. Stent in stent. Fortunately no damage to my heart except two small scars from the strokes. My conclusion in this, all that medication that I have to take, for more than 15 years, does not work enough and I remain a cardiovascular disease patient and suffer from all side effects, they make me weaker and weaker and more vulnerable ....

Since the second procedure I have started to feed myself differently and since September 2020 I have also started detoxing with incredible results. Only feeling… no! My last blood test showed that my blood is oké again, cholesterol good, sugar good and except for a little slow liver, everything is fine. I discussed this with the cardiologist and he was satisfied. In 2019 I had already finished treatment with my cardiologist and was declared healthy again, but I was able to agree with him to have regular contact once a year. At my request, because I feel comfortable doing so, to discuss any findings. You live a bit with fear after 2x such an incidents. He is aware of everything I do, in terms of nutrition and detoxes and fortunately we can talk very openly and honestly with each other. Why is it better now…. ?

The ignition values are further down I think and I feel better overall. I told him that I stopped the medication he prescribed me, just 3 weeks before our meeting and I feel better. Now that the latest blood test shows that I am fine, I want to keep it that way and I wanted to discuss this with him. I stopped because it didn't feel right anymore and I know that medication in a clean body can also react very differently. I have an athlete's heart and at one point had a heart rate of 69 during exercise and could not get it up and that does not feel good. I had monitored my blood pressure and heart rate in the weeks before and everything was more than fine. He agreed, he said, we've known each other for a few years Well, I know what you do and you know better than anyone how your body works and feels, keep going and if you get any complaints, I'd like to hear from you and we have a chat. Whauw… Okay, agreed.

From time to time I still had the impression that after taking my detox remedies I had some pressure on my chest or in my lungs. It was difficult for me to interpret it and with a few deep breaths it was gone again. Not entirely clear to me whether it was my chest or lungs and it was also getting less progressively. Of course my body has to adjust itself again after years of medication, I think. And you don't detox in a few months either, that takes time. In the beginning I regularly had my heart beat double. I noticed that because I felt some pressure in my neck, think the blood vessels. I also discussed this with the cardiologist and, provided it did not get worse, it was no problem. The double beating of my heart has completely disappeared, fortunately. But that pressure remained, became less, but for example when walking my dogs and walking a bit briskly, I still had it now and then. What is this I thought… is getting less but is not gone….

Now, in the line of products I use to detoxify, a third product has been added and that completely closes the loop as far as I'm concerned. Within a few days, the strange feeling, pressure on my chest or in my lungs was completely gone. I still feel better from day to day. Personally, I think the third product feeds me with important minerals and trace elements that I was missing and it makes my body even cleaner. The products cleanse me, lubricate my neurotransmitters so they can do their job again, decalcify the pineal gland in the brain, make sure my own immune system is strong and healthy again so that I can get healthier and stay healthy. Nothing can compete with the strength of your own body, if you give it proper maintenance and the means, to be allowed to be clean again, clean of toxic substances and heavy metals that have entered it over the years, eat well and exercise and a good rest are very important. Not crazy really…? I have woken up !!

I know so much more than a few years ago and my search is far from over. I recently heard that there are now more than 90,000 synthetic chemicals in our lives and thousands are added every year. They are tucked in everywhere for us, before you know it you come into contact with them and we can get sick, very sick of them and the inventors filthy rich. Is that okay ? Not in my opinion.

I also notice that I am losing more weight. I had already lost some pounds, BMI is okay, but still… Certain toxic substances and heavy metals turn your hormone system upside down and can block this and much more. I didn't know that either. Happy !!

Well, have a good day everyone and stay healthy and happy.



Mercedes (22.11.2020)


My name is Mercedes

Not so long ago, my mother introduced me to Root.

What you need to know about me is that I suffer from childhood arthritis.

Maybe I could say in the past, because since I drank Clean Slate and Zero in, my complaints have completely disappeared.

I was also able to leave the medicine I had to take regularly and I couldn't start my everyday life without my medicine, my joints hurt so much.

I am enclosing to you a picture of my feet which I have been photographing on an average weekday while taking the medicine and one since I have been drinking Root!

After 2 months, the change is huge and the fact that my feet don't hurt at all is a miracle!

Thank you Root

Thank you Mom



Ivonne (26.05.2021)

Hair loss.

Picture of my husband his hair growing back.

Left taken on 14 April. Right photo taken on 22 May.

Get Root.

Proof of what this detox does for your body by getting rid of all the heavy metals and toxins.



Birgit (11.11.2020)

I just want share a wonderful testimonial that I have received from my partner Linda from South Africa.

Dear Birgs,

I want to firstly thank you so much for introducing me to the amazing ROOT BRAND.

I’m so excited to tell you that I have been using the Clean Slate – detox drops and I am finding such a remarkable difference. It is having an overall effect in a great way, not only is it detoxing - it is making me feel so much happier and even my arthritis is not as inflamed due to the detoxing of acidity and general toxins.

I have recommended this to friends who are just so thankful and feeling the difference it is making in their lives.

The capsules are miracle workers, I am a very active person doing gym / crossfit / bootcamp and I am finding that my energy levels have increased so much. My trainers are even surprised!

I do not feel so anxious anymore especially with all that is going on around me. I feel more in control of situations, and confident.

My mind is so much clearer and I feel I can handle so much more . I feel my memory is truly improving.

Thanks to this amazing brand- my life is so much healthier and happy and I am recommending to everyone I know.



Mieke (30.12.2020)

I have to write a testimonial I really didn't know that so much was going to change for me.

First of all I had surgery on my thyroid gland in 1998 they removed 3 quarters and also 2 parathyroid glands. I had to take the thyroid tablets and also the zeroxat...

because I have been taking this for more than 20 years now ... I didn't know it would only make me worse ... and also just my sleep

I finally sleep again ... and now I know why, my body was so heavily poisoned by medicine and also by our food that my pineal gland was completely calcified... I only heard from Clayton that that could be a reason ... that I slept so badly ... I slept 3 nights almost not maybe 3 hours per night and then another night well...

That has now completely changed ... I sleep so well now that I don't wake up if we don't set the alarm ...

and the nice thing is I sleep in earlier... and I don't wake up in between...

What a pleasure and all that because of 2x10 drops of clean slate and 2x zeroin ...

Yes I sleep well for 3 nights now and one night less....

and an energy and ideas really unbelievable, better focus but there is now also much more work to be done....

And look to my face !

Left is 2 years ago and right is now 2020 December



Nicole (26.05.2021)

Maybe anyone an idea:

Since the new formula of CleanSlate I had to reduce the amount of drops from 10 twice a day to 3 drops twice a day. My skin is itching since then like 1000 needles. I drink 2-3 liters of water per day. Even with restore it is not better. Any idea what can I do??? And what may be the reason for that?

I take detox baths, drink enough take magnesium additionally... but nothing helps...

Would be happy if someone has an suggestion


Helen: Itchy skin is a sign of detoxification, my mom also had itching, continue with a small dose.


Marc (19.05.2021)

Hi Guys

I have a customer who doesn't know where her Symptoms come from. She is using Cleanslate since january and It becomes better for her but never the less she doesn't understand what she really has .

These are her Symptoms , perhaps someone of you know what this is for a disease?

"Burning in face,ears,mouth and head...ears also feel swollen and numb.

Pressure on the antiallergic relieves it a little...but not much

From one second to another strong feeling of a strong weakness...even chewing weakens me...feels like I'm going to slump at any moment

Painful tingling in the feet and legs

Severe difficulty falling asleep

Blood pressure fluctuates constantly...thyroid levels ride roller coaster

Severe heart palpitations. "


Carrie (08.08.2020)

It's time for a testimonial . I've been on cleanslate for a month or so. Has have my cats and horse

Me: Needing less sleep. Hair feeling thicker softer and looking darker with blonde highlights as opposed to grey . If i eat sugary foods (which is often) my body aches less in the morning. I'm on 3 drops morning and night taken in water.

Charlie: 18yr old cat with kidney issues.

I've always had her on holistic supplements. 2 yrs ago I was advised to PTS. Glad I didn't listen .

So, it's been up and down with her.. one step forwards and one back.. I've found the balance. One drop morning and night. Coat thicker and shinier. Energetic. Appetite improved. Last week I noticed blood coming from her private parts and her struggling to go for a wee. It was a Sunday night (always is) and thought I'd be heading to the emergency vets, to be told again PTS. Gave her a drop of CS and an hour later bleeding had stopped and she settled and went to sleep. No issue since. I can't say if this was the CS that stopped the infection but it's likely it was her body expelling rubbish she hadn't been able to get rid of before . Her continuous watery eye has stopped watering

Blu: adopted 4yrs ago. Now 15. Always had an issue the stinkiest of breath (and I mean dead animal stinky). Vet didn't want to extract teeth due to age. Always been overweight no matter how little I fed him and had fat pads. Over a period I noticed his breath went more eggy. His fat pads slowly disappearing.

As of the past week. Zero stinky breath. His kisses are now pleasant . No fat pads, can feel ribs and waistline

Lynx: no real change other than drinking less (as are the others)

Nancy: . No change but I was giving her only a few drops along with a powder version. I've upped her drops to 20 a day as she has a lot of clearing to do. Will see if this has an effect . She has poor gut health (bloat) and a sluggish lymphatic system as grass is thy enemy


Vincent (27.11.2020)

Have a second goodnews guys. My son was diagnosed with cognitive delayed syndrome at the age of 7. Meaning, his understanding on things is quite slow compared to other children with his age. Before, he was struggling with other subjects like mathematics and solving problems involved. Since then, He is on special education class. He is using a calculator to answer solving problems. But now, he was really proud that he aced and perfect His exams online and he doesnt use a calculator anymore. He took clean slate for almost a month now. I saw his improvements greatly even his reading comprehension and communication skills. I believe that these improvements had been linked to the zeolite/clean slate and zeroin he is taking now. He was really happy to tell his teacher today that he got 100% score on his online exams. Thank God.


Silvia (17.10.2020)

Hi everybody from Canada. I am beyond thrilled with my experience with ROOT Detox

Love it and I had no major incidence like some people taking this for the first time.

On my first day just to make sure, I started with twice 5 drops, did feel not reaction at all, so the second day I went to 10 drops twice daily.

My skin got better I feel like I can breathe better and the energy is great! Also it helped my second stage in my weight-loss. Down 16 kg now. I will add before and after pictures later as I have to get my after picture taken

Love it and only can recommend this to everybody! Best product to date that I did experience to remove toxins out of my body!

Hope this will help for all who are still on the sideline debating if they should get it - Just Get It!



Diana (10.05.2021)

I am Diana from the Netherlands 54 years young

I would also like to share this, I have a waist again, I was not overweight but your body changes with cleanslate, Zero-In and certainly now with the restore. I dare to go out without make-up on my face already had no more rosacea due to detox and Zero-In and fewer wrinkles, and by using restore on the outside even more beautiful skin. I also notice that my energy is coming back quickly, so recovery from Corona is going well and prosperous without these products it would have been very different. Make sure you have a good resistance to prevent a lot of misery, and cure the cause, that is my experience now.


Claudia (05.05.2021)

Good morning I am from Switzerland, 52 years old and since a few months I am in menopause. A lot has changed in my body since then and one main problem is that I am always overacidified. I eat almost no meat and wheat, only on weekends alcoholic cabbage and otherwise a lot of vegetables every day and fruits in the morning. Now... since about 1/2 year I have severe arthritis in my hands. It really scares me because it is getting worse so fast. I also need my hands at work. Does anyone have experience with the products and tips? Love and to all a good start of the day. Claudia



Nicole (25.04.2021)

Heeey Root family!!! My results so far from Restore.

Wow! You can see the difference on my face within just one week by applying Restore . (I have a COF - Clayton Orange Face - Lol) The left side of my face has a raised red bump that was Very Deep from Clean Slate pushing out toxins due from something, it has been there for awhile! I also had what appeared to be a few busted capillaries by the bump and on both sides of my face - I have them on different areas of my body from alcoholism. I guess CS is pushing that out also and restore is taking them away on my faceClean Slate has also pushed out and dried up some cystic pimples that were on my face, under the skin as well. However, you can clearly see what Restore has done in just one week -Amazing!!! I think I look Horrible in the picture with Clayton and me but it shows on my face and had to share - also looks like inflammation! Maybe I ate something bad - that will do that to you! Lol

How I apply Restore - on a clean face, I use a face serum first and then a lite layer of Restore all over - I love it for a bit of color I also apply a little more Restore to the areas that need it a little more Or I lightly wipe the face serum off my bad areas and apply Restore directly. I'm still playing with it. You will find your own way that suites you best.

After taking Restore Friday 4/9/21 (later in the afternoon the day before Super Saturday event) I felt junk breaking up in my chest - nasty cigarette stuff, sad to say. However, coming from a recovering alcoholic I still have to break the bad habit of smoking. It does taste horrible but... It's just one of those things. On Saturday I noticed I kept trying to clear my throat which I heard myself on the Super Saturday replay video - not nice, at least to my noticing. So Restore is that POWERFUL - wait for it and Bam, it's right there, like a best friend!!!! My chest junk is still continuing to break up. I can also feel just a slight warm spice sensation in my chest and in my throat area when I take Restore. It's pushing it out! Wow!!! Restore is removing what is hurting me. Super Wow, again! How Amazing is that and goes to show how Amazingly Awesome Dr. Christiana Rham is!!! #1

I also got a nice feel good buzz feeling goin on that I'm really enjoying! I'll take that for sure! Nothing like "Feeling Good" I am ready to blast out the day by also taking C.S. and Zero-in - All three work Synergistically Fabulously Together!!!

I am fortunate to say that God took my alcoholism from me and also fortunate my personality has never changed. I am still the same person just minus the alcohol coming from a 9 year recovering alcoholic standpoint - maybe a little just wild and crazier, Lol - because I sure am loving life without it! I truly believe that this will help those that are in desperate need that crave.

One of my favorite things to do is jam out - I dance everyday - a Great addiction to have when I took Restore, I never thought I could love my music even more! Such a Wonderful Feeling as it flows through my body - Yummy!!! Who doesn't want to feel good, I know I do! Nothing like "Feeling Good"!!!

I Love All Root products and I can say - I Am Fully ROOTed

We had a Wonderful time visiting Root Wellness and the staff is Awesome also!!! Felt just like being around family. Thank you Clayton for Everything!!! You Rock!!! Looking forward to visiting again

Dr. Christina, You are the queen of the world in my book with a super Beautiful heart!!! It was Great to finally meet you in person - thank you for the hugs You have created a world change with Root!!!

With Much Love



Michelle (29.04.2021)

All I can say is WOW! I am 61 years old and have some issues with my knees and hips. Some days are worse than others when it comes to getting around. Today was one of my worst days. Just a few minutes ago, after hearing Dr Christina on the Tuesday call, I decided to apply some RESTORE to my knees. I had it in my refrigerator because I hadn't used it all yet so it felt really cool and soothing going on my knees. I'm not even kidding you folks. No sooner than I got my second knee done, I felt the tension release in my knees and I was able to move them so much better. They weren't aching and I could walk better. This was immediate!



Jessica (02.05.2021)

Day 2 of the restore! Yesterday was the first day since March I didn’t vomit once at all throughout the day (I am pregnant) and this morning just took 1/2 pack and still no vomit! I was vomiting excessively this pregnancy (as I have with my prior two- even had burns in my esophagus last one) I am also taking the clean slate - waiting on my next order of zero in To arrive. I might actually be able to do a weight circuit today! Which will be the first time I had enough energy/ calories/ nutrients to do that since the beginning of this month! Woohoo


Mart (02.05.2021)

My result with Clean Slate and zero-in

I had to remove a melanoma on my back in 2017 and since then I am under control for my skin, often I have spots that look suspicious and have to be removed, last week I had two on my cheek that looked skimpy and restless... and Mieke said put a drop of Clean Slate on it! I've been doing that for about 6 days now, and after a week it's almost gone .....

Christina Rahm had it in the Zoom last week about this....

Please note this is not a medication, always have it checked by your doctor as well.



Michaela (09.04.2021)

(This is the mother from one of my german team partner)

An 85-year-old lady after a fall on 02.26.2021 because of a slightly raised lawn edging.

She has been using the Cleans Slate since 02/03/2021.

After approx. 14 days, 1 capsule Zero In as a test for 2 weeks.

Because of heart problems there is only the small dosage and it was slowly started 1 drop twice a day for a few days, then increased.

It was well tolerated from the start.

Currently 2 x2 drops

The fall was on 02/26/2021

Today on March 25th, 2021 after a doctor's visit, the splint was removed and now the orthosis.

Fractures are good and heal more than very quickly, also the swelling in the arm, bruises on the face, the doctor was speechless after such a short time about the regeneration, which usually takes 6-8 weeks to get into this state. Yessss

Briefly something about the general condition before / after:

Before that, so-so with many classic signs of age.

After a few days you noticed the difference.

After Zero In too.

Forgetfulness, hearing, energy, sleep, everything improved.

especially the numbness in the tongue also gone. Less shortness of breath despite heart problems.

Requires less vitamin B12 because there are fewer dementia traits.

Manages to run small inclines in the village again, was previously no longer possible because of too little air.

And always drank good water. Which was a bit less before.

Please be careful with the testimonial. Thank you very much.



Verena (24.08.2020)

A testiminial that makes me very grateful to have discovered Clean Slate: a good French friend of mine has suffered from severe depression for years. He used to be a doctor, lost his job, only leaves his house to buy some food. He has no social contacts any more and does not do a lot at home expect reading.

He started with Clean Slate two weeks ago. And here is how he described his experience today: " When I take the drops, I immediately feel better. It is as if I saw a light shining."

I am so curious to hear how he will feel when taking Zero-In in addition.

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